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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't hate me. All hail the queen.

I know that it has become uncool to love Kate Moss, seeing as she has been pretty much saturated over the course of the last year. But nonetheless, i LOVE her. I think there is really no one like her. And although some people might hate to admit, you can't ignore the facts: her style is RETARDED (the good kind). Now, i know i am very late in the Kate Moss for Topshop news, but i did not have a blog when it was burning fresh headlines, so this is my moment to talk about it. I stumbled on these 2 videos that take you behind the scenes... kind of like a making of. The first one is when Kate goes into the offices for a final fitting and seal of approval. Most of the pieces i hadn't yet seen and the ones that really cought my eye are the mini pin-striped shorts with the buttons on the sides and the purple scoop neck dress. Definitely stuff i would wear.

I'm also really excited about these vidoes, because i've been a Kate Moss fan for years, but i've only ever seeen her in stills. She's even more fascinating in movement! Not only that, but her voice is so lovely. Notice how she says she could get a fit model... why would she have done such a thing? Isn't the whole point to embody who she is? There's nothing like capturing the spirit of Kate Moss' authenticity with a total do-it-yourself. And she's such a rockstar... i mean, just the fact that she exits in an all black outfit, dangling cigarette in mouth..

As for the second video, the photoshoot, personally i love behind the scenes sneak peeks. Watching kate in action is object of fascination, really. Although i am really not a big fan of Irina Lazareanu (i don't really understand why she picked her to model...), the fact that Kate is herself a model for the brand is quite satisfying. Anyway, sorry for the old news!

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