Fashion Over Reason: A pleasant surprise from Guess?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A pleasant surprise from Guess?

Remember when Guess? used to be the shit? Back in the 90's, when being the Guess? model of the moment was object of high prestige, and my icon of the decade, Drew Barrymore (was she ever cool or what??!)was a bona fide Guess? girl (you know that time when Sassy magazine was a must-read). After all, i did cut my hair short because of those pictures of her. Did i also mention i attempted the plum lipstick? Anyway... Their ads were so freakin' cool, and were always very recognizable thanks to certain criteria: black and white, the soon-to-be hottest model or very hot-of-the-moment-yet-still-underground-therefore-still-cool actress would lend her face to the campaigns, and it always represented americana glamour (even though mr. marciano himself is a euro). The turning point of the brand still eludes me. When did Guess become synonymous of tack 'n cheese? My "guess" (no pun intended!) is the late 90's when clingy, tight and low-rise became de rigueur and fashion took a turn in the overtly-sexy lane (i blame Tom Ford!). It was a sad farewell to my light-washed knee-ripped jeans, my plaid hunter-style vest and my beloved doc martens, and alass to my dreaming days of the ever so rebellious yet sexy day-dreams of frollicking on a beach next to anna nicole. Anyway, although i know damn well i will never ever purchase a piece from the brand again, i have my memories, who were curiously jaunted by the new ad campaign, hence my inspiration for this post. Now i don't know who this model is, but i actually thought it was Sophia Lauren before i saw the little Guess? logo. This 60's i'm-vacationing-in-mykonos vibe is really doing it for me. How cool is that striped parasol? Isn't this shot reminiscent of the photos that made the brand a household name in the 90's? (below, vintage Guess?)
new ad

Sorry for the size of the Drew Pics. I'll fix them later, i just really have to go to bed!

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Joyce said...

I loooove the new Guess campaign!