Fashion Over Reason: Flower Power

Monday, June 18, 2007

Flower Power

In the midst of the skinny jean craze (don't get me wrong, i am a big fan of the drainpipes), 70's blue-collar style seems to be making a big comeback! After the resurging of 60's mod thanks to films such as Factory Girl, Dreamgirls and Bobby, we're seeing another natural evolution taking place. I'm sure the majority of girls out there are rejoicing. Well, the ones that aren't 5'9 and 100 pounds anyway. The laid back attitude of the loose fitting wide legs that were so iconic of the hippy decade is being rediscovered by fashionistas. Can't you just picture it: long flowy hair in the wind, loose white tank top, a slew of wooden bracelets and your faded wide legs dragging softly in the sand of a malibu beach. Although i doubt the reincarnation of the ever evolving cut will succeed in evoking what i've just so imaginatively described, there is no doubt that that's the idea that started it all in the first place: clothes that could fit each sex and that were the most comfortable and easy going. Very representative of the motto of the era: Peace and love. Oh yeah, and Zooey Deschanel was just cast to play Janis Joplin in the highly anticipated biopic. Maybe next year we're going to start a revolution and have a bunch of movies about icons of the 70's! Will they be making the Stevie Nicks movie after all?! (hopefully!)

Don't put away your skinnies, but don't be shy to try something different. It kind of makes me regret giving away my blue bell bottoms with vertical white stripes and little red frogs printed randomly across, the ones i wore to pieces when i was 15. Not that i would actually still fit in them or anything...

The queen

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my empty closet said...

i have an inkling that the film world and fashion wolrd move in a paralell kind of motion. while the trend of the wide leg is coming fast around the corner i feel like it will hit full blast when girlies everywhere get a good look at zoe deschanel in her movie. i still love skinny jeans tho...i really want skinny overalls hurts!!