Fashion Over Reason: no one did it better than proenza schouler

Sunday, June 24, 2007

no one did it better than proenza schouler

Looking back on the SS07 collections for sheer entertainment, i was blown away AGAIN - i never tire of this brilliant collection - by the pure genius that was the Proenza Schouler show. You know like when you watch your favorite movie over and over without ever growing tired of it cause it's so good, and every time you still discover new things in it? That's how i feel about the PS collection! It's just so incredibly up my alley, i don't even know where to begin. Firt of all, i swear by only one thing: the miniskirt. I can be covered up to the max everywhere else (i hate showing cleavage) but i will always be wearing the shortest skirt, or mini dress. And anyone who knows me even slightly will tell you that i am a pure child of the 80's. I am a huge fan of basically anything from that decade, whether it be the music, the clothes, the designers, the excess! The caricature of it all makes it so delicious to replicate. And you will find many references to the decade of big hair in this collection. This little number worn by Stam resumes just that: the smallness of the dress, the colors, the pattern, the sequins! What's not to like?!

This outfit worn by Freja is also one that i find dream-worthy. Again, anyone that knows me mildly knows that i love the skinny lanky body type. These pieces showcase just that. I absolutely love the mismatch of the 2 blue/violet hues and the leggings à la wet suit are brilliant: stylish, but comfy (double whammy!). And you will also find in me a huge fan of the buttoned tanks. So dainty, yet the bra cups and the large straps add the retro edge. You also have the ever essential splash of color in these exquisite yellow snake skin wooden stacked heeled platforms. And with the socks, i love!

Going back to the 80's thing, this collection also winks at one of my favorite designers from the era: Hervé Léger and his bandage dresses. I was always so fascinated by the way the frocks litteraly wrapped the whole body, giving it almost an entire new shape. Léger really embraced the woman for everything that she was with his garments, and i just can't help thinking that his dresses looked so good on whoever was wearing them. Lazaro and Jack must've also been fans, because their SS07 was full of "bandage wear". It's just so incredibly flattering, don't you find?? (these 2 are some of my favorite outfits)

The rest is just as special, with its tailored shorts, loose yet clean button downs, racer back tanks... i believe what they said is that it was about "elevating sporty"... I am truly elevated.

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