Fashion Over Reason: July 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007

You MUST check this out!


The Police partie 2

Woooooooooooooow the show was AMAZING! I had such a blast, the seats were out of this world and Sting (astounding vocals!!) and the gang haven't lost it one bit. What a great night, seriously. However, being who i am, i couldn't WAIT to see what the outfits were gonna be! Aside from Andy Summers, who totally ripped it but who was dressed like a middle-aged ordinary joe, Stuart and Sting were total rockstars. Sting took the cake though! His revival of the cut off white T and skinny black jeans was so appropriate, i almost wept with joy when he came out on stage! And obviously, dude can pull it off with his yoga master guru biceps... But wait: IT GETS EVEN BETTER!! His bass seemed to be the one he used when the band actually had new singles, circa late 70's early 80's! It looked all used up, complete with chips in the wood. Yes, wood, not plastic! Gone was the varnish, in was the vintage appeal. It seemed like it had been through a lot (thick and thin, probably, with their history!) and could tell a million stories if it could talk. Anyway, it punctuated the outfit so cleverly, i have to give it them: they definitely didn't look like old washed up 80's we-once-were-hot-but-not-anymore rockstars, but like we-once-were-hot-and-we-still-are rockstars. Clearly i had to take a million pics for your viewing pleasure! (click to enlarge)

The outfit (!!!):

The bass!:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Police

In spirit of The Police (yes, the band), which i am going to see at the Bell Centre tonight, i thought i should do a little reminiscing of their influence on fashion back in their hayday. As a rock band who burst onto te scene in the late 70's and parted waysvnot very long after ('84), they were short lived but extremely influencial. Their fashion, their music, their hairstyles (!) garnered millions of admirers and followers. I mean, weren't rockstars always trendsetters? See if you recongnize any of these fads!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My name is Hélène, and i am a junkie.

Dear readers, i've become fully aware of my condition. I am in so knee-deep that i no longer see the light. I love the high, the buzz of admiring fabulous photography, fun stories, educative articles, opinionated editorials, mounds and mounds of various clothing, shoes, accessories, high society preaching, beautiful people, elegant models. The smell of the glossy pages are enough to make me numb and leave me wanting more! I become anti-social, like a rock almost: just a blob, paralized and unable to move my body. Well, maybe with the exception of a flick of the finger, or a curt twist of the wrist, the minimal motion required to plunge deeper into my vice. My world of dreams and of reality. My escape from monotony. My very own personal la-la-land. A guilty pleasure that i hold sacred. Every month, i await the monday where they make their arrival on the stands like a junkie needs her fix. I can't wait to see who made which cover, what the articles will teach me, who is responsible for the spreads. It's been like this ever since i can remember. When i used to go through my mother's extensive (and chronologically organized) collection of 90's Elle's, i used to smell each page as i flipped them one by one to admire Cindy, Claudia and Naomi. I am in knee-deep and i don't see the light. I think i'm too far gone to be saved. My name is Hélène and i am junkie. I am addicted to fashion magazines.
Ok sorry for the dramatization, but it's pretty close to reality. I've almost completed my monthly purchasing of fashion litterature (some mags come out later than others, especially the foreign ones!) and i just had to share how excited i was. Here are the covers of my garanteed purchases (i will usually get a few extras if i like the cover, because it tends to get pretty expensive at 15 bucks a piece for the most part). I am subscribed to 5 of them (Flare, Fashion, Strut, In Style, Vogue) because 3 of them are canadian (Strut is killer, but only published 4 times a year), In Style is really cheap with the student discount (and highly entertaining, might i add), and well, Vogue is a must. As for the rest, well, i can't justify. After all, an addiction is not something you control.
p.s. RIP Jane, the august issue being its last ever (i was very surprised to see that they don't mention anything in the issue about it, and they still had subscription slips inside!)

I also buy Zink, but couldn't find the pic of their latest cover...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Not in my shoes!

What's with this new breed of stilettos that offer no other word in mind but eye-sore? Seriously, are these even wearable? I am a huge fan of Balenciaga, but in all honesty, what's with the lego-inspired footwear that litteraly reminds me of fire escape stairs? or the snowboard bindings? or the hiking boots on spikes? With all the multicultural references in this Balnciaga F07 collection, i am very much puzzled when i wonder at which point did my beloved Nicolas decide that his high-tech sci-fi utility-clad high heeled shoes were in sync with the rest of his ethnical - and might i add very wearable - collection?! It goes without saying that these really leave me incredulous. I'm usually not closed-minded, but i just don't get it. Although i normally have a never say never policy, this is beyond. I sincerely hope that i won't have to eat my words someday...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Backstage pass

Four french Vogue photographers (Stéphane Feugère, Luciano Fileti, Elin Hörnfeldt, Schohaja Staffler) were asked to take pictures of their whereabouts to be presented in a big montage for the Rencontres internationales de photographies (an international photography meet) in Arles, France. The result is entitled Vogue en coulisses,a voyeuristic as well as a spectator view point from different shows (you will recognize many), different parties, your favortie models, designers and celebrities, put together in form of a collage that is everything you could expect it to be: magic! The magic world of superior beauty and high fashion. Seriously, the video is so magical, it's hypnotizing. I couldn't embed it, so here's the link, you must have a gander! And make sure you have at least 10 minutes, cause that's how long it lasts. And make sure your volume is on for the full effect. Welcome to the underworld of fashion!
Click here to check out Vogue en Coulisses!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sweet 60's

As someone who is greatly fascinated as well as inspired by the past, especially the 60's and 70's, i felt so excited when i talked about the 40th anniversary of the expo 67. Well, imagine my enthusiasm when i found out that they were offering guided tours of the whole site of the expo - FREE!!! They're touring all the remaining landmarks erected purposely for the famous affair: The sphere, The amusement park (La Ronde), habitat 67, Parc Jean-Drapeau, the whole Ile Ste-Hélène. The most exciting part about it is that the tours are given by girls reincarnating the hostesses of the party - the stewardesses - as they dress the part and even change their names to honor the original ladies they are representing! I can't wait to go live my blast from the past and sit in the wagon with all the tourists wanting nothing more than me: to live (or in some cases relive!) a summer that was nothing less than unique.
If you are in the Montreal area at some point before september 1rst, make sure to make your way down! For info call 514-872-6120 or visit the web site. Whatever you do, it's a necessary stop!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Resort to art

I've never really been into resort collections, for the simple fact that i just don't find the clothes that spectacular, and i think it just gives the ADD-ridden designers something to do in between two seasons. Everyone knows these prodigious masters are workoholics and are probably bored at the idea of actually going to a resort, so they design clothes for the people that evidently do take vacations. Anyway, i was surprised to a very pleasant extent when i found this new video for Zac Posen entitled Ma Vendeuse. Models are doing god-knows-what wearing the current resort collection, which was undeniably inspired by 1930's and 40's fashion. If you don't believe me, ask Mrs. Lola Schnabel's (the director) granny, who narrates the whole thing. The amazingly mesmerizing storyteller offers a time-travelling segment of what fashion used to be in those eras. Fascinating to watch and fascinating to listen to.

Cinéma Chanel

What Coco Chanel lacked in looks she made up in caracter. It's no wonder they're in talks for a screen adaptation of this great designer's life. The front runner? None other than Audrey Tautou. Although she has been in numerous movies, she is most famous for Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin (Amelie in english version), where she was absolutely sublime. Well, she may soon be known for the role of the inventor of the LBD! (Although she is much more easy on the eyes than the latter) Anyway, the movie, based on the book L'Irrégulière: Ou, Mon Itinéraire Chanel by Edmonde Charles-Roux, only focuses on the first half of her life, i.e. before she became what she is known for. I'm still positive however that should they decide to actually make it, the film would be none other than splendid.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is the new drape origami?

With a shitty summer in the city, here in montreal, one cannot stop thinking about the best clothing season of all - FALL! Dressing in the fall is magical, and the new collections arrivals in stores give me butterflies. Obviously, autumn makes way for all sorts of fresh looks, but one that is ever recurring would be draping. Shawls! Gigantor knits! Capes! Wool! Big loose turtlenecks! The new fall season is closer than you think and my anxiousness to reinvent my wardrobe is being kept alive thanks to my bible: the Vogue Paris autumn collections book.
Mind you, Mrs. Donna Karan has made a declaration: "the new drape is origami" for the upcoming season. When you look at the RTW collections, nothing can be found truer, with winks to the ancient japanese art in such labels as Alexanader McQueen, Jeremy Lang, Giambatista Valli, and mrs. K herself. Folding has become incessantly chic and dressing down will mean dressing up! However, the big indication that the Asian culture had come knocking was the use John Galliano made of it in his spring couture show. And if he jumped off a bridge, would everyone follow? As sordid as it may sound, i don't think the answer would be no... Crispiness is what to look for, so whether you like it subtle or not, get your crease on!
Alexander McQueen
Giambatista Valli
Giambatista Valli
Jeremy Laing
Dior Couture

Friday, July 13, 2007

And the tack'n cheese award goes to...

Ok, so what do we make of this? The tackiest couple in show business, aka "Posh and Becks", have a 15 page photo spread in the new issue of W. W happens to be one of my favorite magazines, and while i happen to be very fascintated with celebrities (yes, i read In Touch weekly, sadly...), do i deem this extremely tasteless couple worthy of such an honor? Obviously, i will buy the issue and rip through it. The pictures are actually pretty hot, but in that i'm-a-show-off-and-i-wear-stripper-heels-with-Cavalli-frocks kind of way. And i will enjoy every shot of the sexiest athlete in sports today. *laughs* Here are some of the pics for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, July 9, 2007

RM does not stand for rythm motion

Roland Mouret is back, and to say that his debut collection for his new label, RM, was anticipated would be an understatement. Remember the dress that was seen on everyone and their mother during the summer of 2005? (worn by Sienna, Kiera, Nicole Kidman, Dita) Well, that was his last claim to fame... until now, that is! The guy had a falling out with his backers, quit his eponymous label, and BOOM! starts RM backed by none other than... Simon Fuller!?? (yeah yeah, the spice girls guy). You must admit, this bloke has pretty much turned to gold anything he's touched, so it's no surprise that he felt compelled to renew the mine that is Mr. Mouret. I haven't read any reviews other than the one on Style, so i have no idea how the collection was recieved. However, if my excellent taste is any indication, this small comeback-collection kills it! If you're one of the lucky few, click here to reserve your pieces now. As for the rest of us mere mortals, we have to dream of a better world where Mouret could be a part of our closets. Or we could even wait until november to then proceed to go oggle the garments, live! To your preference, really.
Here, my favorite looks: