Fashion Over Reason: Backstage pass

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Backstage pass

Four french Vogue photographers (Stéphane Feugère, Luciano Fileti, Elin Hörnfeldt, Schohaja Staffler) were asked to take pictures of their whereabouts to be presented in a big montage for the Rencontres internationales de photographies (an international photography meet) in Arles, France. The result is entitled Vogue en coulisses,a voyeuristic as well as a spectator view point from different shows (you will recognize many), different parties, your favortie models, designers and celebrities, put together in form of a collage that is everything you could expect it to be: magic! The magic world of superior beauty and high fashion. Seriously, the video is so magical, it's hypnotizing. I couldn't embed it, so here's the link, you must have a gander! And make sure you have at least 10 minutes, cause that's how long it lasts. And make sure your volume is on for the full effect. Welcome to the underworld of fashion!
Click here to check out Vogue en Coulisses!!!

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