Fashion Over Reason: I long for tokyo

Monday, July 2, 2007

I long for tokyo

So yesterday i finally saw the acclaimed movie Babel (with brad and cate...) and although i thought it was great movie, the best part for me was the Tokyo storyline. Although i was in Asia a few years ago i didn't get around to Japan, with immense regrets. Tokyo is one of the places i'd most like to visit and this movie gave me an itch. It must be one of those places where you get such an overwhelming feeling just being there. The culture, the lights, the streets, the clubs, the food, the people, the shopping, THE STYLE!!! I am defnitely a city girl, as in, i feel most comfortable and at ease in a big city (the countryside is ok for a few days, but i need noise!). I think it's something about the energy. So many things happening in the same vicinity at once. It's the crashing of people. I just find it fascinating. I am mesmerized by the energy of Tokyo. I think i may need to scratch my itch. In the meantime, i'll always have the wonderful web site Tokyo Street Style to take me there and fake-people-watch. A girl can always dream! I think i'm going to have to watch Lost in Translation now...

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