Fashion Over Reason: If mohamed can't go to the mountain, we'll bring the mountain to mohamed (or something like that...)

Monday, July 9, 2007

If mohamed can't go to the mountain, we'll bring the mountain to mohamed (or something like that...)

Rummaging on one of my favorite magazine's website, Nylon, i came accross this video on the famous parisian high end boutique, Colette. I've read about this store so many times i practically feel like i've already been (yeah, ok, fine... and it's not like i actually could've bought something either!). Anyway, i've never been to paris, but supposedly this store, which bares a rue Saint-Honoré address (how prestigious!), is not a place to forego if you're a visiting fashionista in the city of lights. So anyway, this video offers a glimpse into what's in store this season, as told by i'm guessing she's the manager? One thing that really struck me (actually, i was thouroughly appalled) by the fact that this "manager" actually had to check the tag of the Prada dress. WTF?!? First of all, as the manager, you should, as your duty, know your stock, especially at a boutique of fine goods and high prestige such as Colette! And secondly, as a fashionista, wouldn't you already know which designer created such a masterpiece even before it hit the floor, seeing as the merchandise would already be in your metaphoric rolodex that is your fashion memory? I mean, for any ordinary joe (sorry if your name is Joe), the dress is nothing more than an over-priced piece of material, but if you are the manager of Colette, you should eat, breathe and sleep fashion, therefore, you shouldn't have to check your dress' tag to know it's a Prada once it's already on the floor. As a matter of fact, you should even already own it, or plan to purchase. Am i right, or am i right? On another note, doesn't the Marc Jacobs outfit look just like something Ikeliene Stange would wear, or is it just me?
If we overlook what i've just mentioned, the video offers a tiny glimpse in one big ol' universe that is la mode parisienne. Sigh.


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