Fashion Over Reason: Is the new drape origami?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is the new drape origami?

With a shitty summer in the city, here in montreal, one cannot stop thinking about the best clothing season of all - FALL! Dressing in the fall is magical, and the new collections arrivals in stores give me butterflies. Obviously, autumn makes way for all sorts of fresh looks, but one that is ever recurring would be draping. Shawls! Gigantor knits! Capes! Wool! Big loose turtlenecks! The new fall season is closer than you think and my anxiousness to reinvent my wardrobe is being kept alive thanks to my bible: the Vogue Paris autumn collections book.
Mind you, Mrs. Donna Karan has made a declaration: "the new drape is origami" for the upcoming season. When you look at the RTW collections, nothing can be found truer, with winks to the ancient japanese art in such labels as Alexanader McQueen, Jeremy Lang, Giambatista Valli, and mrs. K herself. Folding has become incessantly chic and dressing down will mean dressing up! However, the big indication that the Asian culture had come knocking was the use John Galliano made of it in his spring couture show. And if he jumped off a bridge, would everyone follow? As sordid as it may sound, i don't think the answer would be no... Crispiness is what to look for, so whether you like it subtle or not, get your crease on!
Alexander McQueen
Giambatista Valli
Giambatista Valli
Jeremy Laing
Dior Couture

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