Fashion Over Reason: The look of the month

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The look of the month

I was very hesitant in posting about this. But after careful deliberation, i've come to terms: i can't help myself - this picture is everywhere i look! And every time i see it, i just gush. It's beyond me. It's just brilliant. It's so simple, yet so amazing! Who would've thought: it's only 3 pieces - the dress (great dress!), the purse (W.O.W.), the SANDALS!! And all in black. Clearly, i don't think anyone could pull those off in real life. Mary Kate is in a whole other category. Move over, Cory Kennedy. So there, now that i've gotten it off my chest, i feel better. Sorry if everyone is sick of seeing it (myself included), but i just had to! Isn't she lovely?

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Anonymous said...

The sandals are from Chanel Cruise 2006! Yeah, I thought I recognize those...