Fashion Over Reason: My name is Hélène, and i am a junkie.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My name is Hélène, and i am a junkie.

Dear readers, i've become fully aware of my condition. I am in so knee-deep that i no longer see the light. I love the high, the buzz of admiring fabulous photography, fun stories, educative articles, opinionated editorials, mounds and mounds of various clothing, shoes, accessories, high society preaching, beautiful people, elegant models. The smell of the glossy pages are enough to make me numb and leave me wanting more! I become anti-social, like a rock almost: just a blob, paralized and unable to move my body. Well, maybe with the exception of a flick of the finger, or a curt twist of the wrist, the minimal motion required to plunge deeper into my vice. My world of dreams and of reality. My escape from monotony. My very own personal la-la-land. A guilty pleasure that i hold sacred. Every month, i await the monday where they make their arrival on the stands like a junkie needs her fix. I can't wait to see who made which cover, what the articles will teach me, who is responsible for the spreads. It's been like this ever since i can remember. When i used to go through my mother's extensive (and chronologically organized) collection of 90's Elle's, i used to smell each page as i flipped them one by one to admire Cindy, Claudia and Naomi. I am in knee-deep and i don't see the light. I think i'm too far gone to be saved. My name is Hélène and i am junkie. I am addicted to fashion magazines.
Ok sorry for the dramatization, but it's pretty close to reality. I've almost completed my monthly purchasing of fashion litterature (some mags come out later than others, especially the foreign ones!) and i just had to share how excited i was. Here are the covers of my garanteed purchases (i will usually get a few extras if i like the cover, because it tends to get pretty expensive at 15 bucks a piece for the most part). I am subscribed to 5 of them (Flare, Fashion, Strut, In Style, Vogue) because 3 of them are canadian (Strut is killer, but only published 4 times a year), In Style is really cheap with the student discount (and highly entertaining, might i add), and well, Vogue is a must. As for the rest, well, i can't justify. After all, an addiction is not something you control.
p.s. RIP Jane, the august issue being its last ever (i was very surprised to see that they don't mention anything in the issue about it, and they still had subscription slips inside!)

I also buy Zink, but couldn't find the pic of their latest cover...

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my empty closet said...

best enty ever! i can totally relate!!!

i didnt know jane was done ? that's crazy??makes sense though.ever since they changed editors their content has been a bit different..i guess they loist a bunch of readers...