Fashion Over Reason: Not in my shoes!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Not in my shoes!

What's with this new breed of stilettos that offer no other word in mind but eye-sore? Seriously, are these even wearable? I am a huge fan of Balenciaga, but in all honesty, what's with the lego-inspired footwear that litteraly reminds me of fire escape stairs? or the snowboard bindings? or the hiking boots on spikes? With all the multicultural references in this Balnciaga F07 collection, i am very much puzzled when i wonder at which point did my beloved Nicolas decide that his high-tech sci-fi utility-clad high heeled shoes were in sync with the rest of his ethnical - and might i add very wearable - collection?! It goes without saying that these really leave me incredulous. I'm usually not closed-minded, but i just don't get it. Although i normally have a never say never policy, this is beyond. I sincerely hope that i won't have to eat my words someday...

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