Fashion Over Reason: The Police partie 2

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Police partie 2

Woooooooooooooow the show was AMAZING! I had such a blast, the seats were out of this world and Sting (astounding vocals!!) and the gang haven't lost it one bit. What a great night, seriously. However, being who i am, i couldn't WAIT to see what the outfits were gonna be! Aside from Andy Summers, who totally ripped it but who was dressed like a middle-aged ordinary joe, Stuart and Sting were total rockstars. Sting took the cake though! His revival of the cut off white T and skinny black jeans was so appropriate, i almost wept with joy when he came out on stage! And obviously, dude can pull it off with his yoga master guru biceps... But wait: IT GETS EVEN BETTER!! His bass seemed to be the one he used when the band actually had new singles, circa late 70's early 80's! It looked all used up, complete with chips in the wood. Yes, wood, not plastic! Gone was the varnish, in was the vintage appeal. It seemed like it had been through a lot (thick and thin, probably, with their history!) and could tell a million stories if it could talk. Anyway, it punctuated the outfit so cleverly, i have to give it them: they definitely didn't look like old washed up 80's we-once-were-hot-but-not-anymore rockstars, but like we-once-were-hot-and-we-still-are rockstars. Clearly i had to take a million pics for your viewing pleasure! (click to enlarge)

The outfit (!!!):

The bass!:

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