Fashion Over Reason: Rachel Zoe: friend or foe?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rachel Zoe: friend or foe?

You know the woman who made over Nicole Richie from her dark and unfashionable days? You know, the woman who is pretty much responsible for the look every little Hollywood starlet is sporting right now... Do we like her? Is she really all that? I was just reading today an article in french Vogue about her, and i couldn't help thinking to myself: what is it with this Rachel Zoe anyway??

Wasn't Kate Moss dressing herself quite similarly many many years before you even knew miss Zoe existed (and doing it better, for that matter)? For a celebrity stylist, one must cuncur that she probably earned her reputation: she made Mischa famous for something other than a (really) bad tv role. She made us get past Lindsay's horrendous blonde dye job (the first one). And i'm sure she was a very important enabler in making her and uncle Karl bff's. But more importantly, she got her hands on Nicole, made her lose the stringy skunk hair, the tacky mini denim skirts and made her, well... classy. A fashionable young lady even, now influencing the likes of many.

But seriously, what is it with this girl? Is it because everyone is now walking around with oversized purses, bug-eyed shades and jeans tucked in boots? Aparently she charges 6 grand a day to give such advice to Cam and Demi. Couldn't they figure that out by themselves?! I mean, no offense or anything, but i am an ultra-busy gal (am i the only one who thinks 24 hours in a day is not enough?!?), and i think i do a pretty good job at dressing myself, i.e. i didn't need anyone to tell me that navy and black is OK to wear together. Maybe i'm just bitter cause i don't have these girls' budget, or because i am tired of seeing 100 lbs starlets known for nothing other than excess (aparently Zoe feeds them blow, too) and their wardrobe choices, all of whom are guided by this Rachel Zoe lady.
All i'm saying is, do we believe her hype?

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