Fashion Over Reason: Resort to art

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Resort to art

I've never really been into resort collections, for the simple fact that i just don't find the clothes that spectacular, and i think it just gives the ADD-ridden designers something to do in between two seasons. Everyone knows these prodigious masters are workoholics and are probably bored at the idea of actually going to a resort, so they design clothes for the people that evidently do take vacations. Anyway, i was surprised to a very pleasant extent when i found this new video for Zac Posen entitled Ma Vendeuse. Models are doing god-knows-what wearing the current resort collection, which was undeniably inspired by 1930's and 40's fashion. If you don't believe me, ask Mrs. Lola Schnabel's (the director) granny, who narrates the whole thing. The amazingly mesmerizing storyteller offers a time-travelling segment of what fashion used to be in those eras. Fascinating to watch and fascinating to listen to.

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