Fashion Over Reason: When the spanish meet the french

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

When the spanish meet the french

I only appreciate John Galliano when the hour is on is haute couture collections. Man, did he not disappoint for the fall show. For the 60th anniversary of Dior, he concocted an event that could be deemed supernatural. Unreal! A replication of the exhuberant Versaille uniforms: the color, the energy, the textures, the movement. Winking countlessly at some of the greatest artists of our times, inlcuding hints of Galliano's motherland, the spaniard delivers once again a theatrical performance of unforgettable caliber. He even got resident vets to walk it! Naomi, Shalom, Gisele, Linda, Amber, Helena! (the only reason Kate wasn't part of the fiesta was because - juicy tidbit - she caught Pete cheating on her with some other model and went into seclusion!!) However, one of the greatest inclusions to the show was without a doubt the rendition of the new look, 60 years later. Dior forever changed the way women were to dress after he introduced his famed silhouette. The hommage was definitely well deserved.

Galliano is known for his extravagant and copious theatricals and this show was of no exception. Just think of the hours and hours of work that went into every little detail of each garment. To put together something like this seems very ambitious. I can't even imagine the amount of stress that could pour out of one single person in charge of the whole thing. Kudos to Mr. Galliano. Honestly. My hat. Off.

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