Fashion Over Reason: An apology leading straight to fall fashion

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An apology leading straight to fall fashion

To the so very few yet so very treasured, cherished and appreciated readers that i have, i MUST apologize for not posting in so long! I have been extremely busy helping my bf move and looking for an apartment myself (which i finally found 2 weeks before moving day). In the midst of all this, i am also attempting to plan my yearly end of summer week-long vacay. Yikes. Basically, i haven't had much down time to catch up on the latest greatest, let alone time to surf the fascinating world wide web. So anyway, i am starting to get "hot ones" - read: cold sweats meets fast heart beat - about the pile of ever so thick september magazines that is getting higher and higher. I NEED to catch up!

So Anyway, the weather has finally inspired me to post about autumn. Alas, it is only the end of august, therefore still summer, but the thermostat reads no higher than a meager 20 degrees. That's celcius, folks. Unfortunately this means the end of summer, which means the end of worry-free vacation time. And i tend to get really stressed out when i have a lot to do, so i don't generally look forward to back-to-school (yes, i am still in school). However, i am ALWAYS excited about the beggining of the best clothing season: fall! I always get so giddy about the fall fashion. The rich colors, the big materials, the soft materials, the style renewal. The most exciting pieces (to me, anyway. Oh, and to my friend Amelia) without question belong to the autumn collections. Maybe it's because i live in a very weather-variant country and you can really change your whole wardrobe from one season to the next. Maybe it's the smell in the air that makes me want to break out in song and dance about an exciting new season? I suppose it's the mind that lets itself be guided by emotions. More so, the need for something fresh.

Back to school is always synonymous with change. A sort of rebirth, if you will. You're one year older, you have new aspirations, new ambitions, new goals. It's a point of ancor to wipe your slate clean. And what's better than new clothes for a reinvention? The trends this year are indeed gorge. You know, i was really getting fed up of the maternity look, and quite frankly, i am smirking at the diminutive amount of empire waists seen down the runways. Welcome back, mid-section! The clean lines, the polished skirts, the knit sheath dresses, the amazing jackets, the structured masculin-inspired wear, the exquisite trousers (skinny or wide, take your pick!), all of it done in such tasteful manner. "I think fashion is going through a period of minimalism. less is more" says Roopal Patel from Bergdorf Goodman. Amen to that.

Here are two videos that sum up the most important fashion weeks: New York and Paris.

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Anonymous said...

fall fashion truly is the best, perhaps because dying is palpably more glamorous than death, birth, or perspiration.

i think it's all about the layers, myself.

this is my first visit, nice work