Fashion Over Reason: Bring out your shoulder pads!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bring out your shoulder pads!

As someone who spent most of her awkward teen years trying to camouflage (without success) broad shoulders, i must say the return of the pouffy sleeves and - gasp! - big shoulders trends seen on the runway has me, well, nervous. Although i no longer feel uneasy about my frame (let's just say i "filled out"), i wouldn't go as far as wearing something like this: , at the risk of looking more like a football player than a chic urban fashionista. And even though i actually own a fur vest that highly ressembles this: , i would never actually wear it.

If we look at the picture below, now this is interesting: 80's revival (yet again)? Samantha Jones role playing? Tack alert? Architectural way to "push it to the limit"? Whatever your taste is, you make what you want of it seeing as there are some very unexaggerated wearable versions. As for me, you won't see me strolling down the street looking like a reverse triangle any time soon...

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