Fashion Over Reason: Fetishism in art form

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fetishism in art form

If you ask any girl what she can never get enough of (no, it's not love!), she'll probably answer you either bags or shoes. I've always had somewhat of a shoe fetish myself (i must own over 100 pairs... oh lord), and no matter what anyone tells me, or what i tell myself - "you don't NEED another pair!" - i will inevitably buy more. Sometimes i'll go shopping and all i come back with are shoes (what a coincidence)! Not so random, actually. You see, what some people don't understand - my father, for example - is that shoes make or break an outfit. It can take it from day to night, from afternoon meeting to happy hour, from girl-next-door to sexpot, from beach to city, from casual to chic (or vice versa). I could go on and on, but you get the point... You can never have enough shoes because without a wide variety and multiple selections, you'd feel like you're always wearing the same thing! Pushing the shoe fetish envelope, a fashion editorial in V magazine puts it all in perspective. With the creators of high heels often considering their work pieces of art that are reminiscent of a woman's curves and power (think the red soles of Louboutins), the shoes and the female form hereby marry and create, well, something quite interesting...

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