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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Patriotic pride

As shameful as this may sound, i must admit: i've never really paid much attention to canadian fashions designers - gasp! Although i did manage to sneak in to the front row of a few shows during Montreal Fashion Week this spring (thanks to my very good and connected friend Eliza) i remained unimpressed with what our homegrown talent mustered up. However, thanks to my canadian magazine subscriptions, i get to see what i may have looked passed. Well, can i just say that i've never been more pleasantly proven wrong when i noticed i had overlooked Pink Tartan's fall collection! I have to start paying more attention, really. Kim Newport, the designer, seems to know what she's doing! The pieces were very simple, but very chic. Clean lines, neutral colors, sophisticated masculin, british influences, minimalist charm. Very up my alley. The trousers are to die for. And their mini dresses are my new objects of desire. The winner: the grey cape with peacoat buttons. Exquisite! Here are some of my favorite looks from their show that i could actually find online (they are really hard to come across, let me tell you!):

Check out the rest of the slides because there are some amazing coats, pants dresses and skirts! Right here!!!
If you want to view the video, click here and please bare in mind that the Toronto Fashion Week budget is not conducive with hiring top models, aka sorry about the crappy modeling job. Don't let that ruin it for you!

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