Fashion Over Reason: Wear leather in good conscience

Friday, August 10, 2007

Wear leather in good conscience

I know a lot of people are very much against wearing animal products, whether it be fur or leather. However, for people like me that don't really know where they stand on the issue (i'm not about to start a debate here, why open a can of worms?), there are great alternatives that work with recycled products. I've just recently discovered Ashley Watson and her recycled leather goods. She makes purses out of old leather jackets! Each Purse is one of a kind even if it's the same one. I found the idea brilliant. The fact that she's canadian also gives me a few tingles. Not because i'm super patriotic, but more because she's easy access. And we also don't really hear about a lot of nordic people "making it". Moving along, she makes purses, wallets and belts and her pieces are definitely something to covet. If not for the design (nothing too original, but still, all too wearable!), at least for the idea behind it.

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