Fashion Over Reason: September 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paris, city of style

The Parisians always get it right, they always get that effortless chic thing going, that je ne sais quoi only felt in the French capital. The Sartorialist's fashion week pictures always get better when Paris' turn is up. The french really up the ante style-wise and i could only wish to ever be so stylish, to exude what i call that "Chanel quality": a sort of high-class ingenue, over-the-top but subtle. They really do seem to have that natural elegance...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gone to the dark side

What do we think of Aggy's new color?

The new purse

One of my favorite trends for fall has got to be the new and improved structured bag. Out with the slouch, in with the stiff! The retro feel makes it so charming and after a multitude of seasons where the floppy purse reigned supreme, it also feels like one big deep breath of fresh air. Rigid cuts are all the rage and goes hand in hand with the mood of the season: minimalist, ladylike, chic and tailored. Boho has officially been burried. The page has been turned. I am rejoicing! Hallelujah!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some stylish intersection

i have been engaged in an obsession with Tokyo for quite a while now and so i was so delighted to see the Tokyo videos in the intersection segments on I find the city and the evolution of its inhabitants' style completely fascinating. I wish they would come out with more, and while they're at it, they should make them longer!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Out with the old and in with the new: my newfound love for Jil Sander

To pursue my fall musings bonanza, i would like to post something about my latest obsession. Now, i've already spoken out about grey, but as you might've guessed, it's not the only thing i'm enamored with for the fall. I've kind of always embraced all colors and frowned upon anything that was devoid of pigmentation. Basically i was incapable of purchasing anything of the black variety, aside from the occasional lbd or something as simple as tights. I was all about prints, accessories, crazy patterns, weird color concordance, chaotic mixes, gadgets, gizmos... basically overkill. However, i've aparently taken a liking to the mute tones. In recent months i've been buying chic, neutral and very tasteful pieces that i would've altogether overlooked in the past. I recently went through a phase where i started questionning myself. I kept hearing my inner monologue repeating over and over "do i actually like this? What is my style?! Oh dear." I always thought i was so sure of what i liked but i wasn't anymore! I no longer knew what i liked!! How did i want to dress? What image did i want to portray? What do i feel good in? What is too over-the-top? I am now over this, but i came out a different person nonetheless. I thought maybe it's just that i am getting older? There is truth to saying that taste does evolve, i mean, i used to hate goat cheese and now it's my fave! All jokes aside, i've experienced a style rebirth due to this sentiment shift. I am fawning over every garment lacking loud obnoxious attention. I am attracted to everything achromatic. I have become a minimalist maven. I am (gasp!) buying loads of black and (double gasp!) wearing it! As for the cherry on top of the sunday, i am loving it! It takes so much more creativity to make something stylish out of such simple pieces and i am embracing my newfound potential. I think i've just proven to myslef how versatile i can be. Do i sound conceited? On the flipside, no one will be able to take away my animal prints...

Moving along, i had what the french call "un coup de coeur". Essentially, this consists of falling hard for something, kind of like love at first sight but more affectionate. This affection goes to the fall 07 Jil Sander collection of all brilliantly executed cuts, shapes and frill-free garments. Capes, coats, trousers and dresses were all simply sublime. I had to share my joy.

A first look

I'm sure none of you have forgotten about the new designer collabo with h+m with Roberto Cavalli himself. As a matter of fact, i'm most certain the majority of girls who are remotely interested in fashion are somewhat very excited about it. There's nothing like the hype and the anticipation of such partnerships, i must say so myself. Although thouroughly enjoying his fall 07 collection, i feel obliged to admit that i'm usually not a big fan of Roberto Cavalli. He just doesn't do it for me. Actually, since we're putting our cards down here, i indeed find him quite tacky. But that doesn't mean i'm not waiting like everyone else for the collection to come out, it just means i don't have the same agenda. I was a bit worried that cheap-looking clothing in expensive materials would just look pernicious on not-so-quality textiles. We have yet to find out, however, there are 4 sketches that have been circulating. To give the haters a reason to do so, and the lovers a crumb before the cookie, no doubt. Here are the sketches. Nothing original, if i may say so. But all tack.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Best dressed for Aaron Young

When i attend a party, the first thing i think to myself, inevitably, is "what am i going to wear?!". Mildly excited/terrified at the thought of needing to whip up the most fabulous outfit ever worn, i sometimes wish to abandon mid-process, often due to "fat days", to the "i have nothing to wear" syndrom (although there's a full closet, mind you) or even the "nothing feels right" pestilance. Sometimes it's even the stress that i just don't feel like going through. Even so, no matter how fun it is to play dress up, the thought of seeing everyone else in their party outfits is even more enticing. Who goes for the open bar anyway? I'm definitely there to people-watch! Socalites and famous people alike, i have no doubt (with a few exceptions i suppose). Why else would they all attend those boring parties? Although i am sure the party Tom Ford threw for Aaron Young was far from boring (he seems like he could bring down the house), the attendees were there, ready, willing and eager (uh, pardon me, i mean able), with their best attire as of yet, trying to stand out all the while fit in. Ah man, the life of the rich and famous... It does sound kind of hard, doesn't it? Here's where it paid off:

Geneviève Jones, bravo

Benjamin Cho gets points for his blazer

There's nothing like the raw look of dirtiness (Dan Colen)

My goddess


So i've pretty much given up following and posting about every show every day due to my extensive school schedule. There's just no way i can keep up. I've got work coming out of my ying-yang, and then some! In all honesty though, i really tried, but my little weekend escapade just threw me right off the wagon. Looking on the bright side of things, i did shop til i dropped. Almost litteraly. Subsequently, I got a lot of good stuff.

Since i can't keep up with the spring shows, i'm going to concentrate on what i love best: the fall fashion (sigh). And since we're smack in the beggining of the season, when is there a better time to do it? So i'm going to start this post by getting right in there: i've been obsessed with grey in recent months. Well actually, if i could really pin it down, i should say since last spring when i saw the fall Calvin Klein collection. Francisco Costa brought it back, and elevated it. It's reached a whole new platform, and along with that, a whole new market. And i'm not talking about heather grey over here. I'm talking about smokey charcoals, rich fusains, soiled whites, fuzzy ashes, slick irons, delicate silvers, sensual carbons, warm steels... Catch my drift? Hereafter i was hooked. Everything i seemed to gravitate towards during my shopping this weekend was grey. Tights, sweaters, dresses, gloves, shirts, and soforth. I find it a little ironic to say that this season, grey will add life to any outfit. Well, i mean it more in a sense that it will make anything look fresh. If you want to look stylish, don some grey. I will go even as far as saying that it's the new black. Am i being to bold?!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well deserved break

So i'm finally getting a vacation. Although summer is pretty much over and school has started already, i decided to take off for the week end. I'm not going very far - only to Toronto, as i do every year. My coverage of fashion week will take a small hiatus because i left tonight and i won't have time to do it. On the flipside, i will still be watching the shows as they come out on

If you happen to be from Toronto and know of any good places to shop (i will be hitting Kensington market like it's my job), any parties to crash or any places to go out, please, share the wealth (i would normally put an exclamation mark right here, but this keyboard has none).

Back at the batcave, i'm leaving you with some looks from Marc Jacobs' show. Thoughts?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NYFW sept 9 part II

I finally saw the Narciso Rodriguez show and it was definitely everything i've ever dreamt of and more! Rodriquez really stayed true to his usual clean, crisp and precise constructions, not whitout mentioning minimalist. What differred this season are the more expensive-looking materials, certainly due to the cash influx the Liz Claiborn group has provided after buying nearly half his label. It goes without saying that i was delighted to see that he stayed true to his style. This time around, he hinted to a few asian influences that married so well into his fashion. The harmony was there and it was just blissful to watch.

I gotta give it to Benjamin Cho and his originally interesting collection. However offbeat and sexy, his pieces were still quite wearable and i could hear myself making up a few outfits in my head with what i saw. Mr Cho's got my vote!

Surprisingly enough, i was a big fan of the Michael Kors show. I say "surprisingly" because his collections are usually too all-american career woman cliché for me. But he really adapted the trends of the moment to his comfort zone and he really pulled it off. Lucky for him the main trends this season seem to really be sportswear and americana 70's glamour!