Fashion Over Reason: Best dressed for Aaron Young

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Best dressed for Aaron Young

When i attend a party, the first thing i think to myself, inevitably, is "what am i going to wear?!". Mildly excited/terrified at the thought of needing to whip up the most fabulous outfit ever worn, i sometimes wish to abandon mid-process, often due to "fat days", to the "i have nothing to wear" syndrom (although there's a full closet, mind you) or even the "nothing feels right" pestilance. Sometimes it's even the stress that i just don't feel like going through. Even so, no matter how fun it is to play dress up, the thought of seeing everyone else in their party outfits is even more enticing. Who goes for the open bar anyway? I'm definitely there to people-watch! Socalites and famous people alike, i have no doubt (with a few exceptions i suppose). Why else would they all attend those boring parties? Although i am sure the party Tom Ford threw for Aaron Young was far from boring (he seems like he could bring down the house), the attendees were there, ready, willing and eager (uh, pardon me, i mean able), with their best attire as of yet, trying to stand out all the while fit in. Ah man, the life of the rich and famous... It does sound kind of hard, doesn't it? Here's where it paid off:

Geneviève Jones, bravo

Benjamin Cho gets points for his blazer

There's nothing like the raw look of dirtiness (Dan Colen)

My goddess

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