Fashion Over Reason: Feelin' GREEEEYYYYY-T!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So i've pretty much given up following and posting about every show every day due to my extensive school schedule. There's just no way i can keep up. I've got work coming out of my ying-yang, and then some! In all honesty though, i really tried, but my little weekend escapade just threw me right off the wagon. Looking on the bright side of things, i did shop til i dropped. Almost litteraly. Subsequently, I got a lot of good stuff.

Since i can't keep up with the spring shows, i'm going to concentrate on what i love best: the fall fashion (sigh). And since we're smack in the beggining of the season, when is there a better time to do it? So i'm going to start this post by getting right in there: i've been obsessed with grey in recent months. Well actually, if i could really pin it down, i should say since last spring when i saw the fall Calvin Klein collection. Francisco Costa brought it back, and elevated it. It's reached a whole new platform, and along with that, a whole new market. And i'm not talking about heather grey over here. I'm talking about smokey charcoals, rich fusains, soiled whites, fuzzy ashes, slick irons, delicate silvers, sensual carbons, warm steels... Catch my drift? Hereafter i was hooked. Everything i seemed to gravitate towards during my shopping this weekend was grey. Tights, sweaters, dresses, gloves, shirts, and soforth. I find it a little ironic to say that this season, grey will add life to any outfit. Well, i mean it more in a sense that it will make anything look fresh. If you want to look stylish, don some grey. I will go even as far as saying that it's the new black. Am i being to bold?!

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