Fashion Over Reason: A first look

Friday, September 21, 2007

A first look

I'm sure none of you have forgotten about the new designer collabo with h+m with Roberto Cavalli himself. As a matter of fact, i'm most certain the majority of girls who are remotely interested in fashion are somewhat very excited about it. There's nothing like the hype and the anticipation of such partnerships, i must say so myself. Although thouroughly enjoying his fall 07 collection, i feel obliged to admit that i'm usually not a big fan of Roberto Cavalli. He just doesn't do it for me. Actually, since we're putting our cards down here, i indeed find him quite tacky. But that doesn't mean i'm not waiting like everyone else for the collection to come out, it just means i don't have the same agenda. I was a bit worried that cheap-looking clothing in expensive materials would just look pernicious on not-so-quality textiles. We have yet to find out, however, there are 4 sketches that have been circulating. To give the haters a reason to do so, and the lovers a crumb before the cookie, no doubt. Here are the sketches. Nothing original, if i may say so. But all tack.

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