Fashion Over Reason: My heart is melting

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My heart is melting

I am so eager to start writing regularly again,i have so many things to talk about! Unfortunately there is no consistent internet connection at my new apartment yet (yes, i am presently "borrowing" someone else's signal) so i don't know exactly how the next 2 weeks will unfold blog-wise. I know i don't have very many readers, but the ones that do still visit this blog, thank you ever so much. I promise, things will get better! The future is none but a bright light!

Now, let's talk fashion, shall we? New York fashion week, beggining to the whirlwind series of spring shows. I was only wrapping my head around all the automn collections, and here we go again! It's a bit hard to get in the mood of a new season that seems to have only just ended. Not only that, but fall is so exciting. To me it's the superior season. Nonetheless, i will be closely following each show of each city with utter frenzy, oohing and aahing at every piece that makes my heart aflutter, at every look that leaves me graciously envying, at every designer that will steal my soul. I don't know if i'm beeing a little dramatic here, but i make no excuses because this is what i'm passionate about. It comes from the core. This is the shit i live for!!!

In the cohorts of yesterday's shows, my top picks go as follow (in no particular order): Erin Fetherston for her neutral girly take. Whimsical is nothing short of charming.

Marchesa with their always so magical dresses. Things dreams are made of, really.

ADAM (previously known as Adam + Eve) for the simplicity and pureness. It just smells of cripsy freshness.

I will try to do a daily update of my personnal picks, the collections i have a soft spot for and the shows i found especially spectacular. Aren't you looking forward to hearing from me?!!

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