Fashion Over Reason: NYFW, sept 7th (better late than never!)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

NYFW, sept 7th (better late than never!)

To my delight, I have noticed a recurring 70's glam look on the runways thus far. Isn't that pre-yuppy era just so chic? Think more Elvira Hancock and Bianca Jagger in St-Tropez than Stevie Nicks or Debbie Harry. Although i am a huge devotee to the mini skirt, if fashion does start exploring deeper in this trend, i'm completely charmed and enthralled by the idea. I adhere with no qualms!

Out of friday's shows, i really enjoyed Charles Nolan's collection, if not for its very blast-from-the-past quality, but for its prim and polished looks. Not necessarily my style, but defnitely something i can appreciate. Except for that black leather-like mini dress, which i would don in a heartbeat!

I also very much enjoyed Sari Gueron's collection, a designer i never payed attention to in the past. However her pieces made a lot of sense. They revered in the minimalism vibe that's been roaming the fashion world as of late and i've been thouroughly enjoying the garments thought up by Ms. Geron. They're classy, they're classic and they're a certain subdued sexy.

The show i've been most excited to see, Proenza Schouler, really didn't disappoint me. This duo can do no wrong. Their collections are always so chic, yet so cool. The shapes are just what i love: short skirts, cinched waists. The colors were just what i crave: neutrals, with a hint of lame (that is LA-MAY and not LAME) and subtle patterns. They've definitely interpreted their tribal inspirations in a way that translates to street fashion. Essentially, their collection seemed to emanate something even more important: an idea of who Jack and Lazaro really are, seeing as it was more youthful and more fun than their last, by all odds.

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