Fashion Over Reason: NYFW sept 8

Monday, September 10, 2007

NYFW sept 8

Rodarte's unparallelled craftsmanship shone once again through this spring collection, but their attempt to veer towards a sort of casualism has proven to be successful. This collection was gorge, as the colors married well to recreate the Japan they were inspired by. Yes, Laura and Kate Mulleavy took their creative minds to Asia and certainly the streets of Tokyo could leave no one dry of inspiration. Especially not these two.

I very much enjoyed the femininity of the Ruffian collection. Let's give some credit to Madame de Pompadour, because she provided the inspiration for these rich-in-floral pieces. Although there weren't very many wearable items there, it was intriguing to watch.

I really think i'm a smart-ass for declaring that the 70's were going to be big this season. I'm sure she didn't hear it from me, but Tracy Reese certainly got the memo. Her collection was rich in 70's glamour and if you give it a little ponder, you most likely will picture yourself walking the beaches of Ibiza in her getups. How dreamy.

New York newcomer Camilla Staerk proved that home isn't always where the heart is, as her brilliant new collection was inspired entirely by 3 of her favorite Woody Allen films (can we say un-european here?!). The result was nothing short of fahionable.

Ralph Lauren's 40th anniversary show was a flawless walk down memory lane. His inspiration came from everything he's loved. There were a lot of winks to some of his most famous collections. His 72 looks were emotional, not because of the occasion but because they were tangible visions of beauty, each look being more gorgeous than the last. This show was exclusive to masterpieces. Mr Lauren should be very proud.

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