Fashion Over Reason: Out with the old and in with the new: my newfound love for Jil Sander

Friday, September 21, 2007

Out with the old and in with the new: my newfound love for Jil Sander

To pursue my fall musings bonanza, i would like to post something about my latest obsession. Now, i've already spoken out about grey, but as you might've guessed, it's not the only thing i'm enamored with for the fall. I've kind of always embraced all colors and frowned upon anything that was devoid of pigmentation. Basically i was incapable of purchasing anything of the black variety, aside from the occasional lbd or something as simple as tights. I was all about prints, accessories, crazy patterns, weird color concordance, chaotic mixes, gadgets, gizmos... basically overkill. However, i've aparently taken a liking to the mute tones. In recent months i've been buying chic, neutral and very tasteful pieces that i would've altogether overlooked in the past. I recently went through a phase where i started questionning myself. I kept hearing my inner monologue repeating over and over "do i actually like this? What is my style?! Oh dear." I always thought i was so sure of what i liked but i wasn't anymore! I no longer knew what i liked!! How did i want to dress? What image did i want to portray? What do i feel good in? What is too over-the-top? I am now over this, but i came out a different person nonetheless. I thought maybe it's just that i am getting older? There is truth to saying that taste does evolve, i mean, i used to hate goat cheese and now it's my fave! All jokes aside, i've experienced a style rebirth due to this sentiment shift. I am fawning over every garment lacking loud obnoxious attention. I am attracted to everything achromatic. I have become a minimalist maven. I am (gasp!) buying loads of black and (double gasp!) wearing it! As for the cherry on top of the sunday, i am loving it! It takes so much more creativity to make something stylish out of such simple pieces and i am embracing my newfound potential. I think i've just proven to myslef how versatile i can be. Do i sound conceited? On the flipside, no one will be able to take away my animal prints...

Moving along, i had what the french call "un coup de coeur". Essentially, this consists of falling hard for something, kind of like love at first sight but more affectionate. This affection goes to the fall 07 Jil Sander collection of all brilliantly executed cuts, shapes and frill-free garments. Capes, coats, trousers and dresses were all simply sublime. I had to share my joy.

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