Fashion Over Reason: Well deserved break

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well deserved break

So i'm finally getting a vacation. Although summer is pretty much over and school has started already, i decided to take off for the week end. I'm not going very far - only to Toronto, as i do every year. My coverage of fashion week will take a small hiatus because i left tonight and i won't have time to do it. On the flipside, i will still be watching the shows as they come out on

If you happen to be from Toronto and know of any good places to shop (i will be hitting Kensington market like it's my job), any parties to crash or any places to go out, please, share the wealth (i would normally put an exclamation mark right here, but this keyboard has none).

Back at the batcave, i'm leaving you with some looks from Marc Jacobs' show. Thoughts?

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