Fashion Over Reason: October 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

From Russia with love

There was a list issued by of the top 10 emerging designers to keep an eye on. All their talent is undeniable, but one of them truly captured me, as i really fell for his pieces that were just the right mix of ultra-soft feminine and constructed boyishness that i love so much. The name is Terexov, and he is definitely worth the 5 minutes to look up. I really liked his take on lush silks, the way he enabled a reflection onto the gentle neutrals and i was also nodding in approval at the way he transcended a seemingly boring combo into utterly chic and of-the-moment territory by matching the pieces with black. However, his pièce de résistence was hands down a reflective metallic slip-dress worthy of a robocop installment (think liquid silver). Heavenly! The designer, who showed in New York, seems to be establishing a pattern of classic and elegant looks, perfect for the city, this being his strongest collection to date. By dissecting his past collections, we can come to the conclusion that his pieces have mostly been timeless staples, but personally a little too conservative for my own style. However, i think it's the use of silk that squared with me this time around. I'll surely be following his career, seeing is i've become an Alexander Terexov enthusiast.

Jeans for partying

As if there weren't enough denim brands out there already that we need more. How many styles can they come up with?! Well, apparently, lots. There's a new brand called c.r.a.f.t. which stands for "can't remember a fucking thing", and they're all about sex, maybe drugs, and definitely tons of rock 'n roll. To put it in their words, "It is time to create a jeansline for women with the right soul for rock 'n roll". But seriously, what makes this company different from the J brands and Acne Jeans of the world? I think, for starters, the guys' raw honesty and seemingly genuine approach to a market that is very well near saturated: "c.r.a.f.t. is an experience to rock your soul. It is the bubbles in your glass, the headrush and the headache in the morning..." Rock 'n roll!

[images via denimology]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An enthralling peek at what fantasy (may) look like

I first read about this Korean designer on Style Bubble (where else?!) and i was just amazed. His name is Lie Sang Bong and what he has done with materials in his spring 08 collection could only be desccribed as a titillating experience for the eyes, a spectacle that is just sublime to watch, completely magnetic and actually a little off-putting. Believe it or not, i am short of words over here! What, i asked myself, had i just seen? What kind of materials had been used? How were they processed? What techniques could possibly have been employed? How were the garments put together? What was the essence of it all? Where did the creative inspiration come from (flower petals and butterflies, no doubt!)? The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree when it comes to the title of the collection, "New Romancer".

I was completely hypnotized by the photos, only able to admire in awe as all these questions were scrolling in my intellect. I then told myself that if the dresses looked this good in stills, imagine how they'd look in person (or video, the next best thing). I then proceded to scouer the world wide web in hopes to possibly stumble upon a clip of the Spring 08 collection (he's too indie for, apparently). After an extensive search, my efforts were fruitful, and if you're interested, click here to have a gander as the illusion unfolds right before your eyes. I just want to touch the pieces... Just imagine how they feel! Right below is his entire collection, but pay attention to the pieces highlighted with color and you'll catch my drift. I was just so enchanted, i had to share...

How crazy is this?!

Reminiscent of this:

In case you missed it, click here to see the video!

[photos via and the fashion telegraph]

Monday, October 22, 2007

When design and fashion collide

If i mention the name Fabien Baron, i doubt anyone would really know who i'm talking about. Mind you, this frenchman is responsible for some of the most iconic moments captured in stills or in objects of the last 2 decades. By bringing to his work a bold sensuality, he opens the door to sexuality and consequently, controversy unmistakably follows suit. I mention him because we never really know the faces behind the most well known imagery: we only know what we see. We're not acquainted with the masterminds because they willingly renegade the spotlight, they give the crown and name someone else to the throne. But only for the mere mortals who will wrap their heads around the dream and buy into the ingeniously molded ideas. The job is creative director, and that job is to reach people into their core.

I mentioned Fabien Baron before, because he was the first one to garner such title. It started right at the beggining of the nineties and it goes on to this day. His most famous job was the design of the CK One bottle, as well as some of the most controversial Calvin Klein ads to date. He also designed Madonna's infamous Sex book and his work in the evolution of the magazine is considerable. Fab won't stop and we don't want him to either. Imagine how boring the industry might get.

Samples of his work (click to enlarge):

A glimpse into his bathroom, which he himself designed. I am cold just looking at it.

His bedroom is particular. It takes a specific taste to appreciate this kind of thing. Personally, not really my cup of tea.

[images via new york magazine]

The coolest cat is Chloë

It's no secret that Chloë Sevigny is one of my greatest style muses out there. Although i cannot procure myself any of her pieces due to geographical reasons, i am still very much enthralled by her new clothing line, a collabo with Opening Ceremony. By all accounts, this collection proves itself true to Sevigny's style with its "thinking outside the box" fashion. She explains here what i try to achieve every day: "i like simple clothing without a lot of embellishments" to mix and match to your liking and make the outfit your own. I myself cannot wait to spot the alternagirl she so inspiringly muses about...

However small the collection is, the pieces could be worn in such different ways for an array of distinct affairs. My personal favorite outfit shown is the one Myriam is wearing. I am fully enamoured with the flower patterns and even more so, swooning over those Mary Janes. The gingham skinnies are also one of my faves because of their edgy versatility. I believe i do own a skirt in the exact same pattern... Anyway, moving along ever so swiftly, i sit here hypnotized by Chloë's cool factor and rejoice at the idea of having it packaged in the form of garments.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What doesn't she do ?!

There are new haircare products out there called James Brown London and the eponymous line belongs to none other than Kate Moss' stylist. She was the (obvious) choice for the official spokesperson, and so here's a little promo clip to show the planet how, yet again, she can charm the pants off anything.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Valentino for Wolford

Wasn't this guy retiring? Well aparently he hasn't said his last word. As a knit lover myself, it makes me guiddy to think about the dreamy mini-collection he could possibly dream up for the renowned house that goes by the name of Wolford, maybe you've heard of it? The color palette will include black, ivories and red, of course. Word on the street is the pieces are to be ultra-feminine (gasp!) and details of pleats, knots and bows are to garnish them (blushing!). Not only will this be unveiled on time for the chilly season, but there are plans to do a summer 2008 collection as well. Following in the Footsteps of Zac Posen, Mr. Valentino offers little pieces of heaven for all his lady followers still shedding tears over his bowing out at Paris fashion week. Time to rejoice!

[photo via]

The Sartorialist stole my heart

This guy is absolutely fabuloso! Just going about his day in London he was spotted by The Sartorialist and away he snapped! Aparently the gentleman told him that everyone wanted to take his picture. I don't doubt it, take one gander, he is im-pec-a-ble! Their exchange was just as delightful:

" Finding gentlemen like this is what keeps me going....and on my toes.

So I stop this gentleman and say I would love to take a photo of him.

"Everyone wants to take a picture of me " he replies.

When someone says something like that, you realize you are on a short leash and I could just as easily talk myself out of a photo.

I have found that the more honest I am with the subject, the more the subject appreciates it. They know they are characters.

So I say" I don't doubt it, you're quite the character." That seemed to get him.

"Well, hurry up with it then, my wife is waiting" he says and then he stood completely still while I took five or six shots.

I always am a little in awe of someone that can stand so still when they are having their photo taken.

He didn't check himself, he didn't adjust anything, he didn't ask to see the photo afterwards.

He basically just said - here I am, take your best shot."

This is why i keep going back to Mr Schuman's web site!

[the whole thing is via the sartorialist, clearly]

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yes, say who you are.

The new cover of ID featuring Kate Moss seems to evoke if not just a little, then a significant amount of raunch. This look reminds me nostalgically of what i was trying to achieve in the mid 90's (minus the plum lipstick). In point of fact, if you flip through her photo spread, it's as racy trash as it's going to get, and i love every single bit of it. It's been so long since we've seen something of his genre, especially with the quality Kate brings. I don't care what anyone says, that lass is class and there's a no holds bar when it comes to her versatility. Her new winter collection for Topshop is the whole focus of the shoot, and she really sidetracked from flowy dresses to concentrate on her signature hue: black. For the holidays, she plays the texture game and goes down the beading route, brought together with sheer pieces. I must say, i am enjoying. Or maybe it's because she just makes them look so good?

images via daily mail & rcfa

Friday, October 12, 2007

Parisian chic, partie deux

True gems!

[all images via the sartorialist]

Parisian chic, partie un

I've already professed my love for Parisian style, but with the spring collections taking a bow in Paris, i thought i'd do a little segment of the best dressed mortals walking the streets and attending the shows. High fashion, effortless and superior stylistic looks: a recipe by the who's who and what's what for what makes and upholds the reputation of the ones who walk fashionably the streets of the city of lights.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shock treatment

I was honestly truly shocked by something i read today in the Montreal Gazette about Karl Lagerfeld. Uncle Karl refused not 1, not 2, but 3 MODELS for his Chanel spring 08 catwalk for being size O (i.e. too skinny)!!! Maybe i have some sort of misconception on the guy, but i really thought he was one of the people in the industry who countered the anti-skinny models movement, not shouldered it! After all, last year he was defending his twigs by arguing that their bones were just small. But candidly, i applaud him for taking a stand, because being one of the most influencial designers of modern times, this german expat might actually help the cause, seeing as he's been known for a few revolutions. The master pronounced these words: "I have nothing against skinny girls. But these were terrible. They looked as if they had grown up in a Third World country with no food to eat. I sent them back to the agency. I did not think they should be modeling". He even said that the 3 girls were so thin they looked "almost deformed". I really wish i knew who these models were...

Moving right along, let's speak of this bran new Chanel collection, shall we? I saw it once and thought "what - is - this??!" Then i saw it a second time and thought "Well, i like SOME of it..." And the third time i was just torn. Do i like it or do i hate it... or are my mixed feelings reducing my reasoning to a nonchalent state? I must admit, i am quite confused: what is going on in this collection? Don't the denim pieces remind you of the Britney-Justin-all-jean-matching outfits the once couple wore at the mtv awards circa 2001? And don't the stars and stripes remind you of a bad rendition of the eponymic song? Or are they more so reminiscent of a tacky Jessica Simpson, whom Uncle Karl once pronounced himself "very unimpressed" with in a recent Harper's Bazaar interview? The usually effortless class that exudes from Chanel was eerily replaced with a generous portion of trashy and tawdry, all of which didn't seem to marry so well into the evolution of the fashion cycle. BUT (there is a but!), i'm only pronouncing myself in a short-term manner, because you never know. More often than not, collections are growers and we may not like them immediately, but they can become the next hits. I'm also alluding to the Prada collection, which was completely different from everything else we've seen, but who usually ends up setting the tone and most popular trends of the year following. We'll have to wait and see, obviously. Anyway, i am still revetting in the fall collections. I just can't get enough!

I am really confused/horrified when i see this:

But i am appeased whe i see this:

(this last little number is my favorite)