Fashion Over Reason: The coolest cat is Chloë

Monday, October 22, 2007

The coolest cat is Chloë

It's no secret that Chloë Sevigny is one of my greatest style muses out there. Although i cannot procure myself any of her pieces due to geographical reasons, i am still very much enthralled by her new clothing line, a collabo with Opening Ceremony. By all accounts, this collection proves itself true to Sevigny's style with its "thinking outside the box" fashion. She explains here what i try to achieve every day: "i like simple clothing without a lot of embellishments" to mix and match to your liking and make the outfit your own. I myself cannot wait to spot the alternagirl she so inspiringly muses about...

However small the collection is, the pieces could be worn in such different ways for an array of distinct affairs. My personal favorite outfit shown is the one Myriam is wearing. I am fully enamoured with the flower patterns and even more so, swooning over those Mary Janes. The gingham skinnies are also one of my faves because of their edgy versatility. I believe i do own a skirt in the exact same pattern... Anyway, moving along ever so swiftly, i sit here hypnotized by Chloë's cool factor and rejoice at the idea of having it packaged in the form of garments.

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