Fashion Over Reason: An enthralling peek at what fantasy (may) look like

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An enthralling peek at what fantasy (may) look like

I first read about this Korean designer on Style Bubble (where else?!) and i was just amazed. His name is Lie Sang Bong and what he has done with materials in his spring 08 collection could only be desccribed as a titillating experience for the eyes, a spectacle that is just sublime to watch, completely magnetic and actually a little off-putting. Believe it or not, i am short of words over here! What, i asked myself, had i just seen? What kind of materials had been used? How were they processed? What techniques could possibly have been employed? How were the garments put together? What was the essence of it all? Where did the creative inspiration come from (flower petals and butterflies, no doubt!)? The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree when it comes to the title of the collection, "New Romancer".

I was completely hypnotized by the photos, only able to admire in awe as all these questions were scrolling in my intellect. I then told myself that if the dresses looked this good in stills, imagine how they'd look in person (or video, the next best thing). I then proceded to scouer the world wide web in hopes to possibly stumble upon a clip of the Spring 08 collection (he's too indie for, apparently). After an extensive search, my efforts were fruitful, and if you're interested, click here to have a gander as the illusion unfolds right before your eyes. I just want to touch the pieces... Just imagine how they feel! Right below is his entire collection, but pay attention to the pieces highlighted with color and you'll catch my drift. I was just so enchanted, i had to share...

How crazy is this?!

Reminiscent of this:

In case you missed it, click here to see the video!

[photos via and the fashion telegraph]

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