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Saturday, October 27, 2007

From Russia with love

There was a list issued by of the top 10 emerging designers to keep an eye on. All their talent is undeniable, but one of them truly captured me, as i really fell for his pieces that were just the right mix of ultra-soft feminine and constructed boyishness that i love so much. The name is Terexov, and he is definitely worth the 5 minutes to look up. I really liked his take on lush silks, the way he enabled a reflection onto the gentle neutrals and i was also nodding in approval at the way he transcended a seemingly boring combo into utterly chic and of-the-moment territory by matching the pieces with black. However, his pièce de résistence was hands down a reflective metallic slip-dress worthy of a robocop installment (think liquid silver). Heavenly! The designer, who showed in New York, seems to be establishing a pattern of classic and elegant looks, perfect for the city, this being his strongest collection to date. By dissecting his past collections, we can come to the conclusion that his pieces have mostly been timeless staples, but personally a little too conservative for my own style. However, i think it's the use of silk that squared with me this time around. I'll surely be following his career, seeing is i've become an Alexander Terexov enthusiast.

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my empty closet said...

that last dress looks amaaaaazing!!! i can't stop staring at it !! its like looking at liquid or something...sick...