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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shock treatment

I was honestly truly shocked by something i read today in the Montreal Gazette about Karl Lagerfeld. Uncle Karl refused not 1, not 2, but 3 MODELS for his Chanel spring 08 catwalk for being size O (i.e. too skinny)!!! Maybe i have some sort of misconception on the guy, but i really thought he was one of the people in the industry who countered the anti-skinny models movement, not shouldered it! After all, last year he was defending his twigs by arguing that their bones were just small. But candidly, i applaud him for taking a stand, because being one of the most influencial designers of modern times, this german expat might actually help the cause, seeing as he's been known for a few revolutions. The master pronounced these words: "I have nothing against skinny girls. But these were terrible. They looked as if they had grown up in a Third World country with no food to eat. I sent them back to the agency. I did not think they should be modeling". He even said that the 3 girls were so thin they looked "almost deformed". I really wish i knew who these models were...

Moving right along, let's speak of this bran new Chanel collection, shall we? I saw it once and thought "what - is - this??!" Then i saw it a second time and thought "Well, i like SOME of it..." And the third time i was just torn. Do i like it or do i hate it... or are my mixed feelings reducing my reasoning to a nonchalent state? I must admit, i am quite confused: what is going on in this collection? Don't the denim pieces remind you of the Britney-Justin-all-jean-matching outfits the once couple wore at the mtv awards circa 2001? And don't the stars and stripes remind you of a bad rendition of the eponymic song? Or are they more so reminiscent of a tacky Jessica Simpson, whom Uncle Karl once pronounced himself "very unimpressed" with in a recent Harper's Bazaar interview? The usually effortless class that exudes from Chanel was eerily replaced with a generous portion of trashy and tawdry, all of which didn't seem to marry so well into the evolution of the fashion cycle. BUT (there is a but!), i'm only pronouncing myself in a short-term manner, because you never know. More often than not, collections are growers and we may not like them immediately, but they can become the next hits. I'm also alluding to the Prada collection, which was completely different from everything else we've seen, but who usually ends up setting the tone and most popular trends of the year following. We'll have to wait and see, obviously. Anyway, i am still revetting in the fall collections. I just can't get enough!

I am really confused/horrified when i see this:

But i am appeased whe i see this:

(this last little number is my favorite)

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