Fashion Over Reason: Warning: warm weather ahead

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Warning: warm weather ahead

I am a fan of warm weather, but to a certain extent. Actually, i quite prefer it when the temperature varies between 14 and 18 degrees (celcius) and when the skies are gray. In all honesty, i'm not on team sun. I like cloudy weather. And frankly, it's a little unsettling to be on the 2nd of october and having to worry about sweating when i put on a leather jacket. That's right, temperatures are soaring and saturday should reach a high of 29! I apologize for sounding like the weather network, but i just can't help but share my frustration at how unconducive the meteorological reality is being with my exploitation of my fall wardrobe. I'm just not feeling the shorts anymore. I can't go bare-legged, it's a psychological blockage! No really, i think i have to suck it up and sweat until there's a drop. Consequently, it will keep dropping and then i'll be eating my words in december when it's -20! Nonetheless, i can't help (and emphasize enough!)the fact that fall is just my season!

This is more what i`m talking about (ps i usually frown upon fire-engine hair color, however, this is amazing! I love it):

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