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Monday, October 22, 2007

When design and fashion collide

If i mention the name Fabien Baron, i doubt anyone would really know who i'm talking about. Mind you, this frenchman is responsible for some of the most iconic moments captured in stills or in objects of the last 2 decades. By bringing to his work a bold sensuality, he opens the door to sexuality and consequently, controversy unmistakably follows suit. I mention him because we never really know the faces behind the most well known imagery: we only know what we see. We're not acquainted with the masterminds because they willingly renegade the spotlight, they give the crown and name someone else to the throne. But only for the mere mortals who will wrap their heads around the dream and buy into the ingeniously molded ideas. The job is creative director, and that job is to reach people into their core.

I mentioned Fabien Baron before, because he was the first one to garner such title. It started right at the beggining of the nineties and it goes on to this day. His most famous job was the design of the CK One bottle, as well as some of the most controversial Calvin Klein ads to date. He also designed Madonna's infamous Sex book and his work in the evolution of the magazine is considerable. Fab won't stop and we don't want him to either. Imagine how boring the industry might get.

Samples of his work (click to enlarge):

A glimpse into his bathroom, which he himself designed. I am cold just looking at it.

His bedroom is particular. It takes a specific taste to appreciate this kind of thing. Personally, not really my cup of tea.

[images via new york magazine]

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