Fashion Over Reason: November 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A spell on me

I can't stress enough the fact that i am from the school that believes fashion is directly related to art. Actually, this is something not many seem to reckon, or quite simply something we all tend to forget due to over-saturation, marketing, publicity tactics and mainstream antics... We should all count our blessings for publications such as V Magazine (and al.!) that remind us without fail that fashion is an intricate craft that pertains to more than just clothing.

How could i explain myself here... What would the industry do without photography, scenography, stylists, the very skilled workers of specialized trades, the tormented souls who constitute the very exclusive crowd of acclaimed designers? To me, anything that garners inspiration in a tangible and esthetic manner can manifest itself as an artform, and fashion is one of the prime examples proving my theory. Whatever your interpretion is, it remains a derivative from your imagination and every single individual has their own singular vision. This is what i find so alluring, captivating and stimulating about fashion editorials. I had been a little uninspired lately by what i'd seen in recent glossies. Everything seemed so blah and overdone. Since a shoot in the August Paris Vogue called Hedi's girls (shot by Hedi Slimane himself), nothing had me double-taking. The drought is over, i'm on my knees! The following series of photos entitled Spellbound, shot by David Sims and published in V Magazine, are simply breathtaking. I'm sorry, they are MAGNETIC!!! To top it off, Raquel stars. I'm nailed, nine inches!


Miu Miu's new face for the spring/summer 08 season has been revealed: it's Kirsten Dunst! I'll admit, i do enjoy miss Dunst, from her style to her acting. I don't know many people who do, but i am quite enthusiastic about this news! Her outside-the-box but nonetheless chic style has me thinking she is a great choice to embody the more youthful visions of Ms. Prada. Following in Lindsay Lohan, Laeticia Casta, Kim Basinger and Maggie Gyllenhaal's footsteps, will Kirsten's aura prevail in musing the cohorts of Miuccia disciples? Shot by Mert and Marcus, the photos are sure to be something special... But most importantly, I wonder what she'll be wearing?!!

Previous Miu Miu ads....

On a related, have you heard the dreadful news? Posh Spice as the new face of Marc Jacobs...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New history

Well, this is embarrassing! I admit, i am ashamed of my poor unremitting updating skills. I vote for 36 hour days... Too much to do, not enough time! I hope i don't lose you, oh faithfull readers. Don't give up on me just yet!

As a person who is fascinated by history (of all sorts, but especially of fashion!) and on how everything from the past has molded what we see now and what is to come in the future, I've been really taken by a recent article i stumbled upon (yes, i actually had time to read something other than a textbook!) regarding a new breed of collectors: the fashion kind! I was aware of their existence before - and mind you, very jealous - but fashion collecting used to be reserved for a certain elite. Royalty, old money, new money, whoever had the required means to garner themselves a copious accumulation of couturier artwork from seasons past and present.

Now it seems, any mere mortal with a flaming passion (burning bright enough) can earn themselves a high cred designer-garb wardrobe worthy of collection value. As i mentioned though, passion is a must, because the trick here is to make it your full-time job. Oh, and you have to know your stuff too... You gotta be on the lookout! The new collectors aren't about buying the Givenchy gown Audrey wore in BAT (Breakfast at Tiffany's), they're about building a respect for the contemporaries. The key is to predict what is of value and what will gain value. Fashion collectors assess the hype around certain collections, specific designers or pieces and make a decision based on whether or not they love what they see. A good example would be pieces from Olivier Theyskens' last collection with Rochas. Or anything from Chloé, circa Phoebe Philo days, Tom ford for Gucci or YSL, Gianni-designed Versace. Collectors have a sharp eye for being able to predict such treasure-troves. Patience and sacrifice are hereby de rigueur, if i my throw it out there.

[images via efu, vogue uk,, seconcitystyle, yankodesign]

Friday, November 16, 2007

Team players

One of my favorite mags, Nylon, has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to design some exclusive limited-edition t-shirts. They picked artists they love and simply asked them to do their thing. Nylon has proven to be one of the most influencial non-corporate magazine out there and speaks to a different niche than most publications. Their underground roots have been reaching the real kids that live in this world... scenesters included. In an interview with Marvin Scott Jarett (one of the founders), he claims that UO is really a physical embodiment of the Nylon reader. Let's not deny this statement, as it is pretty acurate, but way to exploit the commercial machine (fueled by hipsters) that this trendy giant has become.

So we have the muscle-cut by Noah Butkus:

The Lisa Grue intense v-neck (!):

And another Lisa Grue design (my favorite):

They also have mens t-shirts designed by Jim the Illustrator, Johnathan Zanwanda and The Rinzen Crew (an Australian collective).

Without sounding like an ad space for this collabo, click here to shop!

Click here to check out an interview with Marvin Scott-Jarett

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back in business

Guys, i must apologize for my brief (or was it long?) hiatus, i've just been so busy! But i am glad to say that i am back in action... Although i haven't really been in touch with the world these past two weeks, so i have no idea what's going on!

So to ease my way back into the bubble of fashion that i find so comforting, i present to you, even though you must've already watched them, the spring collections video recaps. That'll be a good warm up for an effortless reintergration back into the blogosphere!

First up we have New York, the city of "wearable" fashion. When Anna Wintour hereby proclaims that it was a mistake to have held fashion week so early in september because no one was ready for it, it seems like she might have a point, seeing as fall had yet to give a sign of life. However, when she says it was a "flat" week, i don't think she could be more wrong! Although "subdued", the american collections were a true delight, and to me the indication of a sharp turn towards chic minimalism, and the glamorous revival of the 70's. With standout collections by Derek Lam, Narciso Rodriguez, DKNY, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and a prodigious hommage that was the Ralph Lauren show, i hardly think New York is to be elbowed into a corner and pegged as a plain jane week. It was significant in more ways than miss Wintour would think with a hint at the femininity that was to be carried through in the upcoming cities - foreshadowing, anyone?!

Next up we have Milan, where the italian expertise reigns supreme. A full 180 from the New york shows, i should say. While there was a cool, calm and collected vibe in the city that never sleeps, there was only room for opulence in this mediteranian fashion mecca, where collections were seemingly something taken straight out Van Gogh's Starry Night. Fantasy and reverie were the front-running themes, and Milan proved to be the scapegoat to everyday monotony. What an enjoyable surprise it was too see such romance emanate from the catwalk, as opposed to sheer sex (Cavalli!). And speaking of sheer, however unwearable it may be, it's definitely easy on the eyes to watch a parade of tulle, organza and muslin wrapped delicately around pretty nymphettes otherwise known as models. The most important thing i gathered out of this week, which was mentioned by Hilary Alexander and Aliona Doletskaya, was that art has everything to do with fashion.

As for Paris, Wow! The city of light shone right through its fashion week. Everything came in and went out with a bang! The collections were things dreams are made of, i hardly have words to describe it! Every show was a spectacle more imposing and ostentatious than the next. The week confirmed that spring fashion will be everything but boring, with stars (YSL), stripes (Chanel), textures (Lanvin, McQueen) and florals (Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten). However stimulating the catwalks, the most enlivening spectacle can be the one found taking place right outside, in the streets, where Parisian women do their own thing, and they do it right. I've already captured the most alluring peacocks roaming the scene, here and here. But most importantly, where can i get me some shades like Chloë's??!

And so we bid farewell to Spring 2008, and we await patiently for the next exciting moments brought by fashion in March, for what we'll want to wear next fall!

To conclude this post, i just would like to mention that i have just come back from a little escapade to New York, where i spotted Hamish Bowles walking into Balthazar's. I could hardly contain myslef, all the while being the only one aware of his existence, so i just ended up having a moment with myself!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I apologize for my lack of posts seeing as I'm in the middle of midterms. However, i did take a (small) well deserved breather to attend some halloween festivities. Just thought i'd share with you my costume! Try to guess what i am! (I am wearing the wig)