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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back in business

Guys, i must apologize for my brief (or was it long?) hiatus, i've just been so busy! But i am glad to say that i am back in action... Although i haven't really been in touch with the world these past two weeks, so i have no idea what's going on!

So to ease my way back into the bubble of fashion that i find so comforting, i present to you, even though you must've already watched them, the spring collections video recaps. That'll be a good warm up for an effortless reintergration back into the blogosphere!

First up we have New York, the city of "wearable" fashion. When Anna Wintour hereby proclaims that it was a mistake to have held fashion week so early in september because no one was ready for it, it seems like she might have a point, seeing as fall had yet to give a sign of life. However, when she says it was a "flat" week, i don't think she could be more wrong! Although "subdued", the american collections were a true delight, and to me the indication of a sharp turn towards chic minimalism, and the glamorous revival of the 70's. With standout collections by Derek Lam, Narciso Rodriguez, DKNY, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and a prodigious hommage that was the Ralph Lauren show, i hardly think New York is to be elbowed into a corner and pegged as a plain jane week. It was significant in more ways than miss Wintour would think with a hint at the femininity that was to be carried through in the upcoming cities - foreshadowing, anyone?!

Next up we have Milan, where the italian expertise reigns supreme. A full 180 from the New york shows, i should say. While there was a cool, calm and collected vibe in the city that never sleeps, there was only room for opulence in this mediteranian fashion mecca, where collections were seemingly something taken straight out Van Gogh's Starry Night. Fantasy and reverie were the front-running themes, and Milan proved to be the scapegoat to everyday monotony. What an enjoyable surprise it was too see such romance emanate from the catwalk, as opposed to sheer sex (Cavalli!). And speaking of sheer, however unwearable it may be, it's definitely easy on the eyes to watch a parade of tulle, organza and muslin wrapped delicately around pretty nymphettes otherwise known as models. The most important thing i gathered out of this week, which was mentioned by Hilary Alexander and Aliona Doletskaya, was that art has everything to do with fashion.

As for Paris, Wow! The city of light shone right through its fashion week. Everything came in and went out with a bang! The collections were things dreams are made of, i hardly have words to describe it! Every show was a spectacle more imposing and ostentatious than the next. The week confirmed that spring fashion will be everything but boring, with stars (YSL), stripes (Chanel), textures (Lanvin, McQueen) and florals (Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten). However stimulating the catwalks, the most enlivening spectacle can be the one found taking place right outside, in the streets, where Parisian women do their own thing, and they do it right. I've already captured the most alluring peacocks roaming the scene, here and here. But most importantly, where can i get me some shades like Chloë's??!

And so we bid farewell to Spring 2008, and we await patiently for the next exciting moments brought by fashion in March, for what we'll want to wear next fall!

To conclude this post, i just would like to mention that i have just come back from a little escapade to New York, where i spotted Hamish Bowles walking into Balthazar's. I could hardly contain myslef, all the while being the only one aware of his existence, so i just ended up having a moment with myself!

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