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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New history

Well, this is embarrassing! I admit, i am ashamed of my poor unremitting updating skills. I vote for 36 hour days... Too much to do, not enough time! I hope i don't lose you, oh faithfull readers. Don't give up on me just yet!

As a person who is fascinated by history (of all sorts, but especially of fashion!) and on how everything from the past has molded what we see now and what is to come in the future, I've been really taken by a recent article i stumbled upon (yes, i actually had time to read something other than a textbook!) regarding a new breed of collectors: the fashion kind! I was aware of their existence before - and mind you, very jealous - but fashion collecting used to be reserved for a certain elite. Royalty, old money, new money, whoever had the required means to garner themselves a copious accumulation of couturier artwork from seasons past and present.

Now it seems, any mere mortal with a flaming passion (burning bright enough) can earn themselves a high cred designer-garb wardrobe worthy of collection value. As i mentioned though, passion is a must, because the trick here is to make it your full-time job. Oh, and you have to know your stuff too... You gotta be on the lookout! The new collectors aren't about buying the Givenchy gown Audrey wore in BAT (Breakfast at Tiffany's), they're about building a respect for the contemporaries. The key is to predict what is of value and what will gain value. Fashion collectors assess the hype around certain collections, specific designers or pieces and make a decision based on whether or not they love what they see. A good example would be pieces from Olivier Theyskens' last collection with Rochas. Or anything from Chloé, circa Phoebe Philo days, Tom ford for Gucci or YSL, Gianni-designed Versace. Collectors have a sharp eye for being able to predict such treasure-troves. Patience and sacrifice are hereby de rigueur, if i my throw it out there.

[images via efu, vogue uk,, seconcitystyle, yankodesign]

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