Fashion Over Reason: A spell on me

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A spell on me

I can't stress enough the fact that i am from the school that believes fashion is directly related to art. Actually, this is something not many seem to reckon, or quite simply something we all tend to forget due to over-saturation, marketing, publicity tactics and mainstream antics... We should all count our blessings for publications such as V Magazine (and al.!) that remind us without fail that fashion is an intricate craft that pertains to more than just clothing.

How could i explain myself here... What would the industry do without photography, scenography, stylists, the very skilled workers of specialized trades, the tormented souls who constitute the very exclusive crowd of acclaimed designers? To me, anything that garners inspiration in a tangible and esthetic manner can manifest itself as an artform, and fashion is one of the prime examples proving my theory. Whatever your interpretion is, it remains a derivative from your imagination and every single individual has their own singular vision. This is what i find so alluring, captivating and stimulating about fashion editorials. I had been a little uninspired lately by what i'd seen in recent glossies. Everything seemed so blah and overdone. Since a shoot in the August Paris Vogue called Hedi's girls (shot by Hedi Slimane himself), nothing had me double-taking. The drought is over, i'm on my knees! The following series of photos entitled Spellbound, shot by David Sims and published in V Magazine, are simply breathtaking. I'm sorry, they are MAGNETIC!!! To top it off, Raquel stars. I'm nailed, nine inches!

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