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Friday, November 16, 2007

Team players

One of my favorite mags, Nylon, has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to design some exclusive limited-edition t-shirts. They picked artists they love and simply asked them to do their thing. Nylon has proven to be one of the most influencial non-corporate magazine out there and speaks to a different niche than most publications. Their underground roots have been reaching the real kids that live in this world... scenesters included. In an interview with Marvin Scott Jarett (one of the founders), he claims that UO is really a physical embodiment of the Nylon reader. Let's not deny this statement, as it is pretty acurate, but way to exploit the commercial machine (fueled by hipsters) that this trendy giant has become.

So we have the muscle-cut by Noah Butkus:

The Lisa Grue intense v-neck (!):

And another Lisa Grue design (my favorite):

They also have mens t-shirts designed by Jim the Illustrator, Johnathan Zanwanda and The Rinzen Crew (an Australian collective).

Without sounding like an ad space for this collabo, click here to shop!

Click here to check out an interview with Marvin Scott-Jarett

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