Fashion Over Reason: 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gasp! Another fall stunner, channelling film siren Louise Brooks!

I had not seen these images online before i opened my August W and spotted them. The Chanel Fall ads are gorgeous! I barely recognized Claudia Schiffer, she looks absolutely amazing. This campaign is miles ahead of the Spring one. Karl really outdid himself with these gorgeous images that channel silent film star Louise Brooks. Stunning! In my opinion, these ads rival the Lanvin ones. Does anyone know if Karl shot these himself?

[images via tfs & sassybella]

Saturday, August 2, 2008

No dwelling for miss P.

Although Prada has discontinued Sasha P. as the face of the brand (replaced by Linda Evangelista, go figure...) she clearly hasn't been moping around! She makes her presence heard in the new Tiffany & co campaign and she looks truly stunning. This girl is so photogenic, it kills me! She joins Lily Cole, Liya Kebede and Shalom Harlow.

[images via fashionologie]

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nicely unexpected

I quite like this look in which Maggie Gyllenhaal showed up for one of the numerous Batman premieres. No, it's not Prada, it's Jean-Paul Gaultier! Pleasant surprise, if i may say so myself.

[image via the cut]

Another case of model look-alike

The new face of Gucci, Eniko Mihalik is strangely reminiscent of the dashing Daria. Sort of a case of Sasha/Gemma, but poor-man's style. It's in the eyes and the cheekbones. See for yourself! Although a more pressing issue would be to find out what happened to my beloved Natasha??

[images via the cut &]

Never listen to a guy

Ahhh man (no pun intended!), sometimes being an insomniac pays off because in my many sleepless nights i clean my house, or peruse online videos to find the greatest things and report back to you. I found this amazing video of regular joes playing fashion police. New York mag took the Spring 08 shoes to the streets! They parked themselves in Union Square to ask men's opinions on the new "it" footwear. I've yet to laugh this much while watching a short clip. These guys are too funny! They're all very serious while critiquing and their comments are priceless! Some notable bits: while inspecting the Prada shoe: "it looks like a horse hoof or something... i'm not into that!". Or the red Dior pump: "i'm not into those rhinestone things, i'm not into that kind of stuff" and from another gentleman regarding the same shoe: " i don't know... the shiny... whatever!" Another Dior number, with the metal heel and straps across the foot: "nah i don't like this one, this looks like an insect, or the skull of a... reptile, dinosaur." Although one dude actually liked it, stating "i actually like them cause they're more agressive, i like sort of a bolder shoe." This is a must-watch, people!

I'll have me some Karl whenever i can!

While surfing the world wide web i landed on this video of Karl at the launch of his book featuring Brad Kroenig. His is so entertaining, i had to share!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seriously now?!?

So the pop star with probably the worst sense of style, or possibly NO sense of style at all is going to be unveiling a new shoe line. I present to you Fergie footwear. Is this really necessary? Maybe it just doesn't help that i find Stacy's sartorial choices quite horrendous, if not to say absolutely vile. And if her line of handbags are any indication, this should be one special treat for the tasteless. Barf!

Here she is at the launch

[images via kipling and asostoday]

Finally, some advertizing sustenance!

I was just thinking to myself that all the Fall ad campaigns i've seen up to now have failed to impress me. That is, until now! For the second season in a row, Lanvin has got me feeling all tingley inside. Although Olga Sherer is no longer representing the house, Steven Meisel is still its resident photog. Olga is replaced by Raquel Zimmerman and Liya Kebede. The result is splendid. Another one in the bag for Mr. Elbaz.

[image via TFS]

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coco the gem

She never ceases to impress. I love her. And she's so cute, have you ever seen her in videos or interviews? Adorable! And now she ads Nicole Farhi to her long list of advertizing campaigns. She looks like a cross-breed between a porcelain doll and a wicked witch from the west. Do you think that was the intention there?

Photographed by Liz Collins

[images via]

Thursday, July 24, 2008


How cool is this?!?!?!!!

You're welcome!

Fashion for humanity

Last week i attended this Fashion event called Fashion for humanity. I figured it might be good for networking and since it was being hosted by a "local celebrity" (note my quotation marks because that term is very relative and losely employed...) i thought there might be some excellent people watching - which there was! - hors d'oeuvres and an open bar - which there was not, very unfortunately! Anyway, amidst all the over-groomed or under-dressed Montrealers mingling there was the fact that everyone there was in attendance to show their support to a very important cause: helping women with AIDS in Africa. The soirée gave way to a funky fashion show, having "Africa" for a theme. I took some pics for your viewing pleasure, however i was standing up, my batteries were dying and i was kinda busy at the bar when they announced the show was about to start, so my position was less-than-ideal. What i'm trying to say is pardon the poor quality! (click on the pic to enlarge)

After the show, there was a live band that performed and they were amazing, actually! It was comparable to Wyclef and Lauren Hill or Mary J. Seriously! Anyway all that to say that the girl singing had a really cute jumper and i couldn't resist showing off her outfit to all of you! Wish i could've caught their name... and i'm too retarded to figure out who they are on the flyer.

And here are my lovely dates.
First we have Gaby, whome i've previously featured on this blog. I brought her to be "discovered"! Laugh all you may, but some Quebecer singer asked her to be in his video. Ha! But seriously, do we blame him...?!

Gaby is wearing an H&M tank top, J Brand Lovestory jeans, Old Navy t-strap platforms and a leather vintage purse.

Next up we have Eliza, writer of the fabulous my empty closet. although you can't tell, this girl has seriously got the most amazing eyelashes i've ever seen!

Eliza is wearing a vintage skirt, belt and bag and a Marc by Marc bracelet.

And here is me, striking a pose... ps highest heels i own... 4 3/4"!

i'm wearing a vintage dress, a Marc Jacobs bracelet and Bakers heels. Yes i know, hey are the Dior imitations, but i couldn't help myself, they're sick!!

Blogging is not just for us ordinary people

I'm sure by now you've all heard of Sessilee Lopez. That gorgeous Dominican model who was plucked out of obscurity (discovered while attending class back in her homeland, more precisely) about 7 months ago and who was catapulted into the limelight. Inevitably superstardom ensued... Well, in the fashion world anyway. The now very famous Vogue Italia all black issue featured her on one of their 4 covers. If that isn't a precipitated ascent, i don't know what is! And i'm sure you've all seen her doing her thing in the Hervé Léger resort 2008 lookbook by now, seeing as the pics have been circulating online for almost a week now. Anyway, all that to say that some of you might be interested in knowing that the young beauty (she's 19... which i guess isn't that precocious to be disovered) has a blog! Check it out to see her pics and to learn a little more about her. I'm starting to really like this chick! And hopefully we'll be seeing her walking the major S/S09 shows in the upcoming fashion weeks (ny, london, milan, parie, to be precise), which are a little over 1 month away. Can't wait!

[image via rock.the.trend]

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mesmerizing couture

I'm usually not a huge fan of Versace. It's just not my style, and their gowns always get murdered on the red carpet by Beyoncé. However, with photographs as beautiful as these, it's very hard not be won over by the latest Atelier collection. Stunning!

Lily D. out?

Lily Donaldson has been the face of MaxMara for the past few seasons, but seems like she's been replaced by Snejana Onopka and Hye park. They look good, except that i can't stop thinking about the fact that Snejana has no neck. It's especially flagrant when she's walking the runway. I really didn't mean for this post to turn into a Snejana hate-fest, but i just don't really like the cut of her jib. In fact, the only thing i've ever liked her in was in this AMAZINGLY ICONIC Paris vogue spread.

Anyway, I've yet to see Lily in an ad campaign for this Fall season. Where she at?

Update: my bad, i forgot about Lily's Gucci Hysteria campaign!
[image via]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Suvi does Calvin

Calvin Klein is one of my top houses. I believe that Francisco Costa is a genius when it comes to representing the minimalism austere mood sans oublier the touch of glamour and rock 'n roll the house is known for. The new Fall ads are expected to be very "graphic" visually. I think by that they mean the clean lines of the clothing will be interpreted in the photographs. A first pic was released and it promises to be big!

Model: Suvi Koponen
Photographer: Fabien Baron
Stylist: Camila Nickerson and Karl Temper

[image via fashionologie]

All hail the 90's

I've been saying for a while that the 90's are coming back and it's gonna be big. Think about it: with fashion's cyclical ways, it was only a matter of time before the era of grunge and minimalism came back to haunt us. Well, maybe haunt for some, but as for me, i couldn't be more excited and - not gonna lie - i've been awaiting this moment for quite some time! Having been a teenager in the 90's, most of my idols are from that era. Note Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, Chloë Sevigny, Cher Horrowitz!!! I even admit, i had the biggest thing for Jonathan Brandis. And don't even get me started on JTT (that's Jonathan Taylor Thomas, for all of you who may be confused with the acronym). Oh, and i also lived for Sassy magazine. Anyway, all this to say that my cultural refrences - although not limited to the era of grunge - are very much from the 90's! And you know it's gonna be a big trend when Topshop has hopped on the bandwagon.