Fashion Over Reason: January 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

A first look at Kiki's Miu Miu!

Remember when i spoke of this? The final product has been released! Can't wait for the actual live full pages.

Old news, but inescapable

I know this has had ample time to spread 'round the sphere known as the world wide web, but i still had to post the new Marc Jacobs ad. The irony is too good for me not to participate in its diffusion. Viva la Posh!

[photo via fashionologie]

I truly love New York!

I can't believe i almost forgot to mention this! Well, now that i am a Newyorker (well, for the next 5 months anyway...) i am plunged into the fashion hub of North America. That said, on my first full day here, i was walking around in SoHo and who do i not see coming from far away? I was hypnotized and stared like i had some sort of problem and i probably made her feel extremely uncomfortable (oops, my bad) but i couldn't help it! I just had to make sure i wasn't having visions! I even ended up making eye-contact. But there she was, a vision in black (yes, she was wearing all black, including her hat), her long hair resting on each of her shoulders, her face, completely bare of makeup allowing her freckles to shine through: Lara Stone. I stopped in my tracks and my mother goes "that girl looks like a model". And the only thing i can say is "She is mom, she is..." It was the highlight of my stay so far. I regret not asking her for a pic, but then again, i didn't want to be TOO obvious!

[photo via new york times]

I am a voyeur

I can't help it, i'm just fascinated with a behind the scenes op. And honeslty, with Chloë and Anja starring, I just feel like a kid on the sidelines watching the grown-ups from a peep-hole. Nothing obscene, people!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Now would be the time when i am taking suggestions as to what to wear on my first day in the Marie Claire offices! I need you, people!

[photo via rock the trend]

Seems like i'm a bit of a creeper...

Apparently this is a recurring subject for me in my latest posts, as all i've been talking about are models, but i'm gonna go right ahead and embrace this phase in my blogging history by posting yet another video on our catwalk queens! I find these creatures fascinating, so it's only natural to be enticed by their real-life personas... Without wanting to admit it, i know you guys are thanking me ;)

So, you fancy yourself an actor?

Surely, model turned actress is a title we see a little more often than we should. It doesn't always prove to be the right career move for our favorite fine kitties who walk the walk (*clears throat* Gisele in DWP) and generally, models should just stick to looking pretty. Look how far it got Kate Moss! However, Gemma Ward, one of my long time faves, has taken the plunge. She's crossing over. She's showing us that she not only has a pretty face and mile-long gams, but also a voice and the requisite chops to carry through a role of a certain caliber. Miss Ward has wisely chosen not to confine her prowesses to a biographical excuse for a motion picture offering no depth and no appeal (Get Rich or Die Trying, anyone?). She's busting out in an authentic and sensible piece of cinema called The Black Ballon, which will be presented at the Berlin film fest. And Toni Collette is in it, therefore it must be good. Take that, Shalom! The picturesque picture (seriously, i don't want to sound redundant here...) is apparently as alluring as Gemma herself. Wonder if it will ever cross the Atlantic (It's an Australian movie)?

Voici le trailer!

[photo via wwd]

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Backstage pass

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a Louis Vuitton photo shoot? The love child of fun and hard work becomes the master piece ads shot by Mert & Marcus. I'm thrilled by Vuitton's decision to finally use models as opposed to celebrities for its campaigns. As Marc (Jacobs) seems to be alluding to, this brand doesn't cater to the shrinking violet, so hand-picking Naomi, Claudia et al. appears to be very fitting. I'm looking forward to seeing Natalia, not Scarlett, when i flip through my balmy season glossies.

I ♥ models

Happy new year, everyone! I hope the holidays were great for everybody. If not, there's always next year.

Moving along, ever so swiftly...

Models are, in my opinion, to be envied. They get to travel the world, get paid lots of money for it, they are blessed by nature, i.e. beautiful (or at least, photoshop transcends this very impression), they get to wear the most high-end, expensive, luxurious and ravishing clothing and mostly, they look good in the aforementioned garbs. Now seriously, for the common person who works hard for their money, honey, what's not to look up to? Right, and i almost forgot to observe the following: they are invited to the coolest parties, to which they grace their presence in the most stylish manner. I hate to state the obvious, but i bet i'm not the only jealous one!

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