Fashion Over Reason: I truly love New York!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I truly love New York!

I can't believe i almost forgot to mention this! Well, now that i am a Newyorker (well, for the next 5 months anyway...) i am plunged into the fashion hub of North America. That said, on my first full day here, i was walking around in SoHo and who do i not see coming from far away? I was hypnotized and stared like i had some sort of problem and i probably made her feel extremely uncomfortable (oops, my bad) but i couldn't help it! I just had to make sure i wasn't having visions! I even ended up making eye-contact. But there she was, a vision in black (yes, she was wearing all black, including her hat), her long hair resting on each of her shoulders, her face, completely bare of makeup allowing her freckles to shine through: Lara Stone. I stopped in my tracks and my mother goes "that girl looks like a model". And the only thing i can say is "She is mom, she is..." It was the highlight of my stay so far. I regret not asking her for a pic, but then again, i didn't want to be TOO obvious!

[photo via new york times]

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