Fashion Over Reason: So, you fancy yourself an actor?

Friday, January 4, 2008

So, you fancy yourself an actor?

Surely, model turned actress is a title we see a little more often than we should. It doesn't always prove to be the right career move for our favorite fine kitties who walk the walk (*clears throat* Gisele in DWP) and generally, models should just stick to looking pretty. Look how far it got Kate Moss! However, Gemma Ward, one of my long time faves, has taken the plunge. She's crossing over. She's showing us that she not only has a pretty face and mile-long gams, but also a voice and the requisite chops to carry through a role of a certain caliber. Miss Ward has wisely chosen not to confine her prowesses to a biographical excuse for a motion picture offering no depth and no appeal (Get Rich or Die Trying, anyone?). She's busting out in an authentic and sensible piece of cinema called The Black Ballon, which will be presented at the Berlin film fest. And Toni Collette is in it, therefore it must be good. Take that, Shalom! The picturesque picture (seriously, i don't want to sound redundant here...) is apparently as alluring as Gemma herself. Wonder if it will ever cross the Atlantic (It's an Australian movie)?

Voici le trailer!

[photo via wwd]

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