Fashion Over Reason: Never listen to a guy

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Never listen to a guy

Ahhh man (no pun intended!), sometimes being an insomniac pays off because in my many sleepless nights i clean my house, or peruse online videos to find the greatest things and report back to you. I found this amazing video of regular joes playing fashion police. New York mag took the Spring 08 shoes to the streets! They parked themselves in Union Square to ask men's opinions on the new "it" footwear. I've yet to laugh this much while watching a short clip. These guys are too funny! They're all very serious while critiquing and their comments are priceless! Some notable bits: while inspecting the Prada shoe: "it looks like a horse hoof or something... i'm not into that!". Or the red Dior pump: "i'm not into those rhinestone things, i'm not into that kind of stuff" and from another gentleman regarding the same shoe: " i don't know... the shiny... whatever!" Another Dior number, with the metal heel and straps across the foot: "nah i don't like this one, this looks like an insect, or the skull of a... reptile, dinosaur." Although one dude actually liked it, stating "i actually like them cause they're more agressive, i like sort of a bolder shoe." This is a must-watch, people!

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