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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scratching the itch

Hello everybody! Wow, it's been a while and i've missed you. Most of you are probably gone, but hopefully you'll be back... I missed expressing my trivial opinions on what i eat, sleep and breathe. And by that i mean fashion. I've been busier than the Queen Bee in the past 6 months and i hardly had any time to do anything and unfortunately this blog took the farthest seat in the back. I went to New York, i interned at Marie Claire in the fashion closet, i went on a lot of photoshoots, worked on a lot of storyboards and ran a lot of errands. It was amazing!

But now that i am back in good ol' Montreal and practically unemployed (waitressing 2 nights a week hardly seems to count in my books), i've got my full days to read every magazine on the news stand and every blog on the world wide web, to which ensues a very large handful of fashion thoughts on my part that i happily extend onto this blog. I've been dying to start writing again, so here i am!

The first thing i wanted to do is talk about the August cover of one of the greatest mags out there: iD. Naomi, a supermodel + Stefano Pilati, one of my favorite designers of the past few seasons. This is bliss! The man has impeccable taste and his collections are what my dreams consist of. Will there actually be an article on his work? I'm not gonna lie, i couldn't bring myself to purchasing the July issue with Mariah Carey. iD has definitely redeemed itself!
Next thing i wanted to throw out there is about the Vogue Italia all black issue. With all the hype the magazine is getting, i did have a moment where i pondered if whether or not the photos would live up to all the hoopla. Well ladies (and perhaps gentlemen?), it certainly has! Here is a very poignant video of the stunning editorials. Seriously, the pictures are absolutely amazing, i almost shed a tear!

I suppose that's it for now. I'm only just starting to write again, so i need to warm up... More on things a little later.

Ps is it normal that my very broke derriere with practically no employment still can only think of spending my money on stuff like this?

[Images via and zappos]

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