Fashion Over Reason: 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sign me up for SS10

Alexander Wang's influence resonates all the way onto the pages of American Vogue on a stunning Kasia Struss. Plus it's photographed by my ultimate crush, David Sims. The Braid (done here by Guido Palau, same guy who's behind the hair at A Wang's runway show)! The natural makeup! The Khaki! It's so refreshing that it's almost too much to handle.


It's that time of year

That's right folks, 'tis the season of campaign releases! Some houses always turn in questionable results, that's clearly inevitable. But Gucci's Mert & Marcus images are a visual feast. Although when a delectable Natasha remains your brand's face, how could it not be?

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Hey hey, my my

My final days in Paris consisted of a lot of dinners and outings. Exiting with bang is always necessary.

Top - Valentino
Dress - H&M
Tights - Calvin Klein
Boots - Lanvin
Clutch - Vintage

Behind the scenes with Noot

Fun stuff from a shoot from about a year and a half ago for A Magazine. Makes me miss New York!

These are amazing

I know i've been m.i.a. but you must forgive me, i've been extremely busy seeing my dear close ones, as well as getting over some serious jet lag. I also have to admit that i've also been completely consumed with Gossip Girl and i've hardly been able to do anything else with my days.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still talking about myself

Dear readers, i have officially landed safely back in Montreal, where a snowstorm romantically greeted me. It's so fucking weird to be here. I miss the beauty of the city of lights already, i miss my friends, i miss my roommates, i miss the randomness of losing myself in the history attached to every single street. But my boyfriend was waiting for me with a dozen gorgeous roses and my heart melted

Notice something different?

So i've gotten a hair cut. I wanted something different for my return to good ol' Canadialand and although i always go back and forth with bangs, this is exactly what i wanted. So if anyone needs a recommendation for a hair stylist in Paree, let me know!

T-shirt - Gap
Cardigan (worn as dress) - Lanvin
Belt - H&M
Tights - Shop in London
Boots - Vintage
Bag - Cowboys bag (straight from Amsterdam!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Must be the name

Julia at the British Fashion Awards in all of her splendor.

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Ahoy, mate

This girl loves stripes. In fact, she can't get enough of them.

Top - Zara
T-shirt - Zara
Jeans - J Brand
Boots - Lanvin
Glasses - Moscot

♪♫ Je reviendrai à Montréal... ♬

It so insane to think that barely 5 months ago i was leaving my hometown of Montreal for the beautiful and romantic streets of Paris. Now it's almost Christmas and my pit stop in the city of lights has run its course. Tomorrow I'm headed back to Canada, with bitter sweet sentiments. Paris, i will miss you. Sniff.

Not exactly thrilled to be swapping this:

For this:

And i will miss the Luun, my roommate's cat, whom i've grown very attached to

As well as the most amazing roommates on the planet.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily getup

The key to surviving the transition to cooler weather is layering. It can save your life, actually.

Top - Lux
Cardigan - Joe Fresh
Jeans - J Brand
Leather jacket - Mackage
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelet - H&M
Boots - Favorites from random 6th avenue store

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You got to know that you drive me wild

It was too hard to pick only a few images of this spread because the moment i laid eyes on every photo my heart fluttered. Ginta Lapina is absolutely delightful in this perfect holiday-summoning editorial. These images are simply nothing short of exquisite and it must be said, this is one of the best spreads i have seen in my lifetime. I think it's completely refreshing and for a studio shoot, they manage to demonstrate how basic means can give birth do a truly different and completely enchanting result. I feel as though all my senses were aroused upon laying my eyes on each piece. Im my books, Greg Kadel just climbed up to the ranks of my beloved David Sims and Solve Sundsbo. And it ain't for nothing that i haven't skipped a Numéro in years. It's my favorite.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Layer cake

You know when you're feeling too lazy to put in your contact lenses and all you wanna wear is a big bulky cozy hoodie? Well, that's still no excuse for bad footwear.

Jeans - J Brand
Leather jacket - Mackage
T-shirt - Gap
Boots - Vintage
Hoodie - borrowed from a male (the only right kind)
Glasses - Moscot


Often times in editorials there will one great closeup of the model and although that shot doesn't showcase the clothing, it's usually my favorite. The artistry shines through, the concept comes alive, the photographer expresses his vision and the model gives us a glimpse of her personality. I constantly am blown away by how closeups are some of the most alluring images in fashion photography. They draw me in like a magnet.

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