Fashion Over Reason: March 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kate Moss' flashback

You know the 90s train is going to be a big one when Kate hops on the bandwagon. The reigning queen of fashion has just pierced 6 new holes in one of her ears, which is now almost fully rimmed with little hoops. My mom never let me get extra holes back in the day, which i am grateful for now, but all the cool kids had them and it would've looked amazing with my baggy Kurt shirts and ripped up jeans. It's sort of ironic cause miss Moss is actually one of the major icons of the 90s. Just going back to where she came from, i suppose? Bet you this is going to put the 90s revival at the forefront of all fashion trends, though. Everything comes full circle eventually, even Kate Moss!

And now, for a little trip in the time machine, here's some real 90s Kate:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update on the boat shoe!

Seems like Sebago's getting around! I previously professed my love for them and mentioned a collaboration between the nautical brand and it store Colette. I also metioned that i wasn't especially fond of the proposed color combinations. Although my petite size 6 feet would never ever be accommodated by men's shoes, i'm still feeling the need to share this more recent partnership with Sebago and the streetewear coop Vane. They're opening a pop-up store in nyc and these exquisite limited edition Sebago shoes will be amongst the offerings. I'm especially crazy about the white ones. Consider yourslef lucky if your feet are big enough! Available April 20 in the LES!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes a girl needs some scruff

Distressed denim is making its way back into our hearts. Or into stores, anyway. I've been saying for a while now (pleasingly so!) that the 90's comeback is right around the corner and boy am i ever being served! Perhaps stemming from the now-infamous Margiela jeans worn by Gisele on the cover of V54, the ripped, torn and stained worker pants are sure to be the new denim trend for fall. Other indicators include the fact that they were all over Balmain's spring runway and that J Crew's spawn, Madewell, has them in their fall line. I personally prefer my denim's affliction to happen as a natural aging process, you know, for that true worn in look and for the too-cool-for-school factor. However, i wouldn't be opposed to these bran-new pairs either, seeing as i'm regaling in grunge's return to the forefront.

This is pretty much what happens in my dreams

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sebago officially becomes an it shoe

I know i've been posting a lot about shoes, but like i said, i'm obsessed. So i love boat shoes. I have a pair of burgundy Sebagos that i got about 4 years ago in nyc on sale for 20 bucks when they were impossible to find in Montreal (they weren't yet all-the-rage) and i've been obsessed ever since. Actually, i was obsessed before too. I quite like the nautical vibe, so i'm always inspired by this look (if we're going to be frank, i have their magazine ads plastered all over the inside of my closet doors...). Anyway, Sebago just did a collabo with the ever popular parisian it store Colette available now. If you're in the city of light, be sure to pick up a pair! Not too sure what to think about the color combos and i'm not a huge fan of big visible stiching... But for some reason, i feel a strange attraction to the grey, orange and blue ones even if they're a bit of a stretch from my usual monochrome and simplistic taste. I'd wear them with white skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt, and some sort of headwear, maybe a beret? Ha!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adriana Lima, high fashion model?

I may or may not be the only one to think this, but i never thought of Adriana Lima as anything other than just a Victoria's Secret model. Actually, i never knew of her doing anything outside of parading her perfect wing-clad assets down the ever so extravagant lingerie giant runway, being a face for Maybelline and a Guess model. She's not even on the model list. To be perfectly honest, her extremely commercial look doesn't exactly scream high fashion to me, nor does it exude that underground vibe sought out by magazines with real street cred. Her body type also differs from the very long and lean lines runway models can create with their limbs. Which of course doesn't take anything away from miss Lima's beauty, it just makes it all the more surprising that i've been encountering her in extremely unlikely places, namely a fashion editorial in the March issue of Elle, a walk down Givenchy's runway last week and an artistic turn as Amy Winehouse in the new Love magazine, Katie Grand's recent Conde Nast venture. Is this some sort of comeback, or should i say new beginning for the voluptuous brazilian model?

An excerpt from Elle:

Adriana at Givenchy Fall 09:

As the notorious Winehouse in Love:

[images via sylefrizz, & superficialdiva]


The real first lady of france lets us in.

Current obsession: YSL cage booties

I know, i know, i'm obsessed with shoes. It's a problem, really. The way i see it is there are two types of girls: the ones who like bags and the ones who like shoes. There may be some ladies out there who love both equally, but generally i've notice you're either one or the other. There's no mystery as to which category i fit into. Shoes create the outfit, they complement your style, they reveal your disposition, they define your identity! I could never date a guy with inadequate taste in footwear, it simply couldn't work.

Anyway, moving right along, back in september during the Spring collections i fell in love. As soon as i saw the models strutting down the catwalk at the YSL show, the strongest feelings of yearn and desire hit me like a lightning bolt. It was lust at first sight. Of course, i cannot afford them, but if i could have only one new item in my closet for spring i would choose these YSL cage booties without hesitation.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mary-Kate plays dress-up

Fascinating! Behind the scenes at Mary Kate's cover shoot for the March issue of Interview. I love the look, it's such a departure from all the generic cover images that grace most magazine covers. The white-blond hair and the Balenciaga dress delivered in one teeny Olsen package makes me extremely happy. Not to mention the mesmerizing video makes you feel like you're watching a Back to the Future fashion spin-off. Delightful!

Pictures shot by Craig McDean
Styled by Karl Templer

[video via]

In quotations

I usually keep away from doing this kind of thing, but these two quotes i recently stumbled upon were too amazing to just keep to myself.

"I'm always obsessed with American children's pageants - these 5-year-olds with false lashes and big hair singing these really old adult songs, they're amazing. Why not dress your child like that? I'd love to go to one, but people would think i'm a pervert."
-Christopher Kane muses in the March issue of Interview.

"I have more fun doing my magazine. We French, we small! We can smoke on the cover, we can show tits, we can do crazy calendar; we have a lot of freedom that they don't have in America."
-Carine Roitfeld, my all time idol, tells The Observer back in 2007 why she plans on staying at Paris Vogue.

[image via gastrogirl]

Friday, March 13, 2009

Roland strays...

Another quick comment to add my 2 cents about fashion month... Roland Mouret's new label, RM, had long been anticipated by fashionistas the world over as well as real women alike (due in large part to his wearable, made-for-curves, impeccably constructed dresses) since his abrupt departure from his namesake label back in november 2005. In fact, when he started RM in winter 07, his dresses were seen on quite a few starlets and i think we all remember the fuschia moon dress that basically served as an ad campaign for his return on the scene when Posh spice wore it at a sports event with a fuschia Birkin, no less. However, on this fall 09 season, Mr. Mouret decided to venture into knits and seperates and i fell in absolute deep love and lust with his croc leggings and the shoes. Brilliant, so modern, so fresh!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dazzling Dries!

As we all know, it's fashion month. I've surprised myself by having taken the time to follow almost every show. It's almost like a drug: every day i need my fix. I reckon i find this season so exciting for numerous reasons:
a) school seems to have taken a backseat (although the reason as to why eludes me, i seem to have narrowed it down to three possibilities: either the work load is lighter, either i've just gotten used to it or lastly, maybe i've ceased to care as though my life depended on it.)
b) it's really interesting to see how designers will design for panicked high end department store buyers and rich women now having (or may not be having) to pinch pennies.
c) i was of extreme eagerness to follow the evolution of some of my new or not-so-new favorite designers(Decarnin@Balmain, Tisci@Givenchy, Pilati@YSL, Ghesquière@Balenciaga)... the anticipation of how they can outdo themselves was almost too much to handle!
d) my magazine obsession and knowledge of the industry is greater than ever (and won't stop, that's for sure), therefore all i can think about is the stuff that's going to be in all my favorite pulications come fall and who's going to love what, which kind of stories will be weaved with the surfacing trends... I can hardly contain myself is the truth.

Anyway, the reason for this post was actually very specific. Browsing through the Dries Van Noten show, i stopped in my tracks at look #41. Not only is it in the shade of nude pink i've recently become obsessed with, but i found the dress so strikingly beautiful and just truly stunning. I kept reading so many amazing contradictions into it. To me this garment is one big romantic oxymoron: it's simple yet complicated, soft yet ecclectic, feminine yet not bodycon, old glamour yet very fresh and modern, oriental yet occidental. All in all it was love at first sight. And i just kept thinking to myself: wouldn't Kate Bosworth look amazing in this?! Oh and one last thing before i go, Toni Garrn is def my new favorite model!
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